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Casino Restaurant in M.Y. China Closed

- December 28, 2015 By Samantha A. -

Say goodbye to this loved casino.

M.Y. China which was billed as a must try restaurant from the celebrity chef Martin Yan within the Graton Casino and Resort that is located near Rohnert Park, has closed its doors.



Representatives for this restaurant, that also has a second location that is in a downtown San Francisco mall, did not immediately return calls in order to comment on the closure.  But a spokeswoman for the casino and resort released a statement that was from the casinos general manager Joe Hasson that was referring to the restaurant using a slightly different name.



The statement stated the M.Y. Noodles at the Graton Casino and Resort has closed its doors in order to make way for an all new exciting restaurant.  According to Hasson this new restaurant venture is part of a $175 million dollar casino expansion plan that is underway.



The planned casino expansion is expected to be completed at the end of the New Year.  The expansion plan includes a 200 room hotel, as well as an outdoor pool and complete spa area, according to the company’s website.



Representatives from the casino would not discuss the M.Y. China closure, and they would not comment on if the closure was due to any type of financial difficulty.  When this casino resort opened its doors two years ago the M.Y. China was one of four anchor restaurants within the casino.  Another one of the casinos original restaurants closed its doors only two months in.  This location was eventually filled by Sam’s for Play Express.



The M.Y. China restaurant closed its doors Monday, as it was very unclear whether the employees were given any advance notice.  The employees worked for the M.Y. China restaurant not for the Graton Casino and Resort itself.



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