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Top online casinos and games are best found through reviews, in which you can read detailed description of everything necessary to know about the particular casino or game. For that reason and because reviews are essential to all casino players, especially to beginners, our site has a range of casino game reviews that can greatly help you in your quest.

However, it’s important for those reviews to be up to date because the online gaming industry is a very active one and changes happen almost every day: new games get introduced, bet sizes have changed, jackpots have been altered etc. Our reviews are updated upon every change introduced by a casino or software provider.


When it comes to playing online casino games, there’s a butt-load of options to choose from, all from different software providers. Reviews can help you choose even which provider has the best games according to how good they stand among players based on their payouts and the level of entertainment.

Some online casinos even offer bonuses for playing specific games, and we offer you such information too. Find out which games are put up for free play, and which are the most popular ones. Use this site to your own benefit, because we are extremely glad when helping casino players gain insight.



#1 Slot Game

Thunderstruck 2 Slots


#1 Progressive

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots


#1 US Slots

Dream Run Slots


#1 Mobile Slot

Angel Or Devil Slots




We have posted free online casino games and slots that you might already be familiar with from playing them, or maybe you have at least heard of them. These are all instant play games, with the option to be downloaded as well.

The most popular of course are the slots. These games are very colorful and feature entertaining animations as well as features and bonus rounds. However, we wouldn’t limit you only with slots info, therefore we’ve included other games too like table games, video poker games etc.

Inspect The Games and Practice Your Game Play

There is nothing better than first trying the product out for which you are ready to spend money. Free casino games allow you exactly that. Online casinos put most of their games for free play in order for potential casino members to see what they are getting into.

Playing casino games for free is most beneficial with table games. Imagine how better you would do if you could practice a blackjack strategy on the casino’s blackjack games, and later use that strategy in real-money mode. It is way more expensive to try out strategies while playing for real money.

Complete Game Details, Tutorials and Welcome Bonus Offers

Game Features

Each casino game has its own game features. For example, slots have different paylines, number of reels and bonus features. Also, each casino game, be it a slot, table or card game, or anything in between, has a maximum bet and maximum payout.

With casino game reviews you can find out which casino sites offer the game, best sign-up offer, which software has the biggest progressive jackpot and lots of other useful details.

Game Tutorials

Tutorials are a nice way for you to learn the game play or rules. For example, you probably wouldn’t need much introduction into slots, but you will certainly require knowledge about poker hands.

Besides that, there are plenty of variations of standard casino games each with their own rules and features, and you can learn all of that from game tutorials. There might be a blackjack game where blackjack might not be the biggest win you can get but you didn’t know or a poker variation where Royal Flush is not the highest ranking hand, etc.

"Where to Play" Casino Listing

All the games that we present at our site stem from reputable online casinos. With the help of our game reviews you can find out which casino has the best payout rate for a particular game or overall and thus make your search even easier. We even maintain a list of reputable online casinos that were reviewed by us.

Some of these reputable casinos have made the same games available for mobile playing too. If you own a decent mobile device or tablet that runs on iOS, Android or other mobile operating system, you are even better off in your gaming adventure.


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