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Best Low Variance Slots

- November 29, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

There is nothing bad about having fun at a slot machine now and then. And, if you really want to have some fun without expectations about getting rich in a single spin, low variance slots is what you should be looking for. These slot machines pay frequently but the prizes they pay won’t change your […] Continue Reading

Video Poker Tips and Tricks

- November 23, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games. One of the reasons for the status the game has among gamblers is in the fact that it has a low house edge. What’s more, by making certain decisions, players can affect the outcome of the game. That simply means that a proper strategy can […] Continue Reading

Specialty Games: Road Less Travelled

- November 13, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

When you find yourself in an online casino lobby, you are typically surrounded by multiple options you can choose from. The good news is that the gaming content comes organised into sections thus making it easier for players to pick games according to their preferences. If you have ever visited an online casino, you have […] Continue Reading

Slots with Best Free Spins Features

- October 29, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

It’s no secret that we all love free spins. Whether casinos give them away or we hit them within games, they are the favourite part of the gameplay for every slot enthusiast. You can play the game without risking your own money and win big thanks to extras boosting your odds on every spin. That’s […] Continue Reading

Perks of Being a High Roller

- October 15, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

High rollers are favourite customers of casinos as they risk large amounts of money. When they win, they win big. Otherwise, the casino is a winner who takes it all. Due to that, casinos, including those you can join online, tend to keep such good customers and reward them for their loyalty. That’s why players […] Continue Reading

Online Casino Safety: Few Things to Remember

- October 8, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

With all the different ways players and online consumers can get swindled nowadays, it’s no wonder one gets a mild panic attack every time the system requests your payment details. We read horror stories about online casinos ghosting their members after they submit the withdrawal request, but how cautious (or paranoid) should we really be? […] Continue Reading

Paylines vs Ways to Win: Which Slot Mechanics is Better?

- September 28, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Slot machines we play typically use paylines. However, more and more video slots today dismiss traditional paylines and offer Ways to Win instead. Such a system can be called by different names, but the core principle is the same – instead of worrying about matching symbols on a payline, all you have to do is […] Continue Reading

Rival Slots with Highest RTP

- September 20, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

You have probably already played at Rival-powered casinos, especially if you are from the US. The developer earned a worldwide popularity with their groundbreaking i-Slot series offering interactive bonus features and progressive gameplay. In this article, we will provide you with a list of Rival slots with the highest RTP you should give a try […] Continue Reading

Bitcoin Gambling: How to Play Casino Games Using Cryptocurrency

- September 7, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Bitcoin history may be short yet the introduction of cryptocurrency was revolutionary. It has changed the way we perceive money and affected different sectors including the online casino industry. Today you can play casino games using Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies just like any other traditional payment method. In this article, we will provide you […] Continue Reading

Things You Should Remember in Case You Win Progressive Jackpot

- August 31, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Winning a progressive jackpot is a dream of every gambler. You have probably read news about lucky winners and their plans for the future while fantasizing that you will be the next person who will hit a mind-blowing prize. Such a prize could really make your dreams come true, so stay with us to learn […] Continue Reading

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