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What Are Scattered Pays Slots and Examples

scattered pays slots

- September 26, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

Over the last few years in the online casino gaming industry, there have been several slot releases with the Scattered Pays slots mechanic. So what is this system and how does it work? Essentially, Scattered Pays is an alternative to the paylines and winning ways payout system. It takes inspiration from the scatter symbol and […] Continue Reading

Top 5 Pirate Slots in Summer 2022

top pirate slots

- September 19, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

There comes a time when the sea calls to you and your buried urge for treasure-hunting adventure awakens. Worry not, for times like these Casino Directory has prepared a list of the best summer 2022 pirate-themed slots for your sea-hungry soul. Here we have some of the latest releases from our favorite companies like Betsoft, […] Continue Reading

Best Recent Fantasy Slots

top fantasy slots

- August 24, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

Besides mechanics like cascading wins and megaways, the visual design and theme of a slot game is also quite important for a quality online slot experience. Are you looking for some immersion in a fantastical world while you play your online video slots? Look no further as we have outlined some of the fresh fantasy […] Continue Reading

Top 5 New Cascading Wins Slots

cascading win slots

- August 18, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

Whether it is Tumbling Symbols, PopWinsTM, or Shifting Reels, we all enjoy cascading win systems in any shape and form. Cascading wins provide a visually entertaining and fresh take on both MegaWays and regular slot experiences. The summer of 2022 brings us numerous cascading win titles with slot providers putting their own little twists and […] Continue Reading

Top Betsoft Video Slots in 2022

Top Betsoft Slots

- August 1, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

Over the course of these last few years, we have seen a rapid increase in visually stunning video slots. When it comes to quality iGaming slot providers, you can be sure that Betsoft is among the top. The lineup of Betsoft slots in 2022 showcases their superb graphic and sound design in slot gaming. With […] Continue Reading

What Is RTP in Gambling Games and How Does It Work?

what is rtp in gaming

- July 26, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

While browsing around online casino games as a new player you might have come across the term RTP. This acronym stands for “Return to Player” and it usually appears in the description of each casino game. It is presented in percentages and is crucial player information that every game should display upfront. Knowing the RTP […] Continue Reading

Top 5 Poker Games Online

Top 5 Poker Games Online

- May 9, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

  There are many types of poker games at casinos, and when it comes to choosing one, the whole task can be a bit daunting. The important thing to know is that there are three main types of poker games – Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and Community Card Poker. Most variants you might come across […] Continue Reading

Online Casino Games with Worst Odds

Online Casino Games With Worst Odds

- April 15, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

If you are a person who likes to feel the thrill and anticipation of placing bets, you have most certainly tried online casino games. In addition to them being more convenient, there are also different types of games catering to any kind of player. Some of these games have better odds than others, meaning you […] Continue Reading

Top 5 Rock and Metal Music-Inspired Slots

Music inspired slots

- March 23, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

Casino software developers are always on the lookout for ways to come up with new and unique slot games. With so many of them on the market, it is hard to design something original and never seen before. Inspiration can be found in many places, and one of those is the great rock and metal […] Continue Reading

Top 5 Feature Buy Slots

Top 5 Feature Buy Slots

- March 11, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

In 2017, Big Time Gaming revolutionized the iGaming industry by releasing White Rabbit – opening the door to feature buy slots that allow players to jump directly into the bonus round by paying a reasonable fee. Luckily for all players, many operators soon followed, and now every online gambling venue offers a plethora of feature […] Continue Reading

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