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Operation Chokepoint Halted by Trump’s Administration

Chokepoint prevented banks from working with certain types of entities, including online gambling companies.

- August 21, 2017 By Oliver Young -

The debate regarding the attitude of the Trump administration towards online gambling and gambling in general has been ongoing ever since the current President was elected and especially since he stepped in office. Trump’s win on the other hand caused a huge stir in the online betting industry, as his win against the odds, caused […] Continue Reading

Illinois Could Become 4th US State to Legalize Online Gambling

- August 17, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

Although it seemed Pennsylvania would be the next US state to legalize online gambling – the fourth overall – another scenario is likely to happen. Since Pennsylvania legislature made no concrete action regarding this issue on its latest session, the next candidate to go through with the legalization of iGaming is the Prairie State, Illinois. […] Continue Reading

VGT Legalisation an Obstacle for Pennsylvanian Lawmakers

Senator McIlhinney spoke against VGT legalisation.

- August 16, 2017 By Oliver Young -

Proponents of online gambling legalisation in Pennsylvania have been very active in the past years. They have been trying to legalise online casinos in the state, for many years now. There have been several attempts, but most of them very unsuccessful. Earlier this year, a bill that contained provisions on, among other things, online gambling, […] Continue Reading

Microgaming Opens Its New Isle of Man HQ

New Microgaming building debuts in Isle of Man

- August 15, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

One of the leading names in the online gambling industry, Microgaming, officially opened its new headquarters in the capital of the Isle of Man, Douglas. The construction of the new building, located right next to the existing HQ, began in April 2015. The five-storey edifice is named Sixty Two and is joined with the existing […] Continue Reading

Crown Resorts’ Employees Released from Chinese Jail

Jason O'Connor is among the last employees to be released.

- August 14, 2017 By Oliver Young -

The Crown Resorts affair seriously shook the Chinese and the Asian gambling market. In the autumn of 2106 the Chinese authorities arrested 18 people, on the grounds that they organised an illegal gambling chain. The arrestees were accused that they lured in Chinese players to Crown Resorts in Macau. Ten more people were arrested in […] Continue Reading

Gambling Apps Return to Google Play Store

Good news for gambling app producers

- August 10, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

So, Google is once again offering gambling apps, though many of the readers may not have known they were banned in the first place. But nevertheless, Google has lifted the ban against gambling apps (or to be precise real-money gambling apps) last month, and now we’ve finally gained insight into the updated policy and the […] Continue Reading

Australian Senate Passes Restrictive Online Gambling Bill

Certain major operators might leave the Australian market in the upcoming days.

- August 9, 2017 By Oliver Young -

Australia is the country with highest number of slot machines per capita and a many Australians enjoy playing slot games, or pokies as they call them. However, the country’s attitude towards online gambling is a bit more restrictive. In the past few years Australian lawmakers have passed several bills and amendments that restrict the citizens’ […] Continue Reading

Latin America – Lots of Potential, Problems With Legislation

- August 9, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

When it comes to the digital gaming industry, Latin America has a lot of potential, while the biggest market opportunities can be found on mobile. Mobile technology is present in a wide variety of gambling services, from casino and sport betting to online lotteries. The only obstacle in the further development of Latin American market […] Continue Reading

Trump’s Trademarks Approved in Macau

Other Trump's trademarks have already been licenced in Macau.

- August 7, 2017 By Oliver Young -

Current US President Donald Trump has been in the spotlight of gambling news on more than one occasion in the past few years. Although, to be fair, sometimes has name was mentioned even though the situation had nothing to do with Trump himself. The saga with the casino that was previously owned by him finally […] Continue Reading

Microgaming EmotiCoins Video Slot Finally Goes Live

Microgaming rolls out EmotiCoins slot

- August 3, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

Isle of Man-based Microgaming is certainly one of the leaders in the industry, but it is not easy to remain at the very top of this highly competitive industry. That’s why Microgaming boasts its innovative initiative aimed at bringing new ideas and solutions to consumers around the globe. Bringing New Ideas to Life One of […] Continue Reading

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