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Hartford Casino Has a New Place of Development

- December 23, 2015 By Samantha A. -

Hartford Casino Plans are Underway

The head of casinos have finally figured out where to place the new Hartford casino, and they are happy with the prospects that this new casino is going to provide them with. This is something that has been a long time coming, but with so much to determine and finalize on; they were not sure where to go or what to do about the casino that was passed and accepted almost a year ago.



The Details 

The new casino is unlikely to start before the next season, but for now; the plans for where the casino is going to be held are finalized. This is something that they have just decided on, and now have to implement the building process. The tribes that are going to be holding the casino are still finalizing some of the other terms that are needed continue the casino.



This is going to be the third casino for Hartford and one that they are hoping is going to bring more revenue for the city and state. However, with the revenues that the other casinos are seeing, they might have a hard time beating the odds with the new casino.



The hopes are for the next mayor to accept the casino plans that are coming into play, since there will be a whole new game changer come the election year. They also want to ensure that everyone living within the city is still okay with putting the new casino in, and that they support the efforts that they’ve been making to finalize the process. This however, will not come until next year when the voting will be open for everyone and the casino plans will be finalized with the law makers, and the tribes that are going to be running the casino.



We will keep you informed of any new updates as the story continues to unfold. As for right now, they are just happy that they found somewhere that the casino is able to call home, compared to some of the other plans that did not work out for the casinos in the past.




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