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New York’s Gov. Asking to Reopen Casino Bidding

- December 29, 2014 By Samantha A. -

Gov. Cuomo asking to re-open bidding for new casinos.

Governor Cuomo is asking the boards to reconsider opening up a casino throughout the Souther Tier of New York. They are hoping that this is going to boost the economy as a whole, providing the state and everyone with it to have a chance to flourish, allowing for better growth, more jobs and a little stimulation to boost us higher out of the recession. This boost is what the state feels they need, and the one way they think they can get it is through these casinos that they are looking to place throughout the entire state of New York.

What They are Pushing For

Since there are currently other casinos going up throughout the state, they are hoping to expand this to the South end of the state, as well as the North. While the North is already covered with a bid that was accepted, the South has yet to make a spot and an agreement of their own. This is what the Governor is pushing for and wanting to re-open the bidding to make it happen for someone that is willing and able to open their own casino and get it started.

With this push in motion, they are hoping to make many different things happen. This push is what the state needs, it is what the Governor is fighting for and even letting the people of the state know that this is what they need, when they need it. In order to save the state, get out of the problems they are having and boost the income so the economy is more stimulated as a whole. The people throughout the Southern Tier are split in what they think, which is common for many people throughout the states getting the casinos.

As for what is actually going to happen, the Governor is making it clear that this is the best and only way to go about making the changes that they need. As for some of the other people, they feel that something else might be able to be done instead.



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