The $7 Billion Mark is Hit by California Indian Gaming

- November 3, 2015 By Samantha A. -

California Indian Casino Gaming hit the $7 billion mark in the year of 2013, according to the Casino City Press which is the gaming publisher that is located in Newton, Massachusetts.

The California Native volume for the year of 2013, which is the most current year that is available, the revenue hit $6.995 billion formulated from the data that was reported to the media in order to calculate a combined commercial and Indian gaming numbers.  It has been the best results since the year 2008 when it hit $7.3 billion.  2007 was the record year for the Indian Gaming within the state as it hit $7.8 billion.

Between the years of 2005 thru 2008, California Indian Gaming saw $7 billion four years in a row, since then the Indian gaming has leveled off to just below the $7 billion mark between the years of 2011 thru 2013.

The state of Oklahoma was the second in line for the Indian gaming revenue volume.  The state managed to retain a tiny gain, from $3.7 billion in the year of 2012 to $3.8 billion in the year of 2013.

The state of Florida came in third at $2.4 billion just above the state of Washington at $2.3 billion for Indian gaming revenue in the year of 2013.

Wisconsin, Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, as well as Minnesota also showed more than a billion dollars in revenue for the year of 2013 as well as a number of other states that were grouped together and labeled “other states.”

The data that was gathered on state Indian gaming was published in a spreadsheet in order to aid reporters that received copies of Casino’s City’s 2015-2016 North American Gaming Almanac.  This data in previous years was only available on a CD version of Casino City’s annual Indian Gaming Industry Report.  Combining the two data versions calculates a combined total for Non-Indian as well as Indian lending.

Although the North American almanac mainly concentrates on the commercial in other words non-Indian gaming, there are numerous things that are significant to Indian gaming.



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