WYNN Resorts Get Clearance in Boston

- September 1, 2015 By Samantha A. -

New Boston casino coming, are you ready?

After months of debate over the plans for Wynn Resorts to build their multi-billion dollar complex near Boston’s Sullivan Square, the planning commission has finally accepted their proposal and looks to be moving this development forward. The plan comes with much opposition with the city’s mayor heading the efforts. Although it is not the most popular issue going on in the Boston area the commission felt the additions of finances for building roads and subway operation were good enough to ok the development. This will be the largest private development project in Massachusetts history.

According to the Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary, Wynn Resorts proposal stated all necessary points of emphasis regarding avoiding and limiting any environmental harm. The $1.7 billion project has hopes receiving over 30 acres of old industrial land outside of Boston. Adding the resort to the area would mean an economic jump for the area. Opposition to the proposal has been held strong over complications with heavy traffic due to the construction of the casino. The proposal now included a policy that would have Wynn putting $7 million towards subway operation over the next 15 years. This is one of the main reasons the proposal passed.

Wynn Resorts now have a wonderful opportunity to bring a world-class casino to the Boston area. The gambling community will now have one of its big name players in a region full of wealth. The project also will commit to building roads that have been in need of construction for nearly a decade. This was one of the problems Wynn Resorts had with the legislative demands. Wynn felt they were not responsible for the repairs of roads that existed prior to the attempt at development. It seems to be one of the ways casinos can get into new areas nowadays. Fixing roads and putting money in public transportation has been a common occurrence on casino and resort proposals throughout the country.



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