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10 Highest Reported Gambling Related Domain Sales in History

- August 13, 2014 By Staff Writer -

Most Expensive Gambling Domain Names

iGaming related domain names have always been in high demand.

Together with, is the highest gambling domain name sale to date. Selling price for both: $5.5million

The online gambling industry is pretty large so no wonder why gambling related domains are being sold for huge amounts. Popular gambling domains that include key words such as casino, bingo and poker are the ones that have been sold for a lot of money mainly because such domains attract a large number of Internet gamblers.

The following article deals with the top 10 highest reported gambling domain sales in history. Some of the names are sold for seven figures and they are also ranked in the top 10 of all highest reported domain sales. is an example of domain being sold for more than five million dollars and it is one of the highest sold domains of all time. Continue reading to find out more about the other big sales.

Note: Have in mind that these are sales of domain names alone and not sales of websites.

Note: The listed domain sales are sales that have been published in the news and media. There could be a lot more sales that have taken place and could have made the list but have been kept private. An example of this is the sale of the domain which is believed to have been sold for $27,000,000 in 2007, but there is no clear evidence how the deal was sealed.


10. $460,000                      

Date Sold: Feb 2003

New Owner: Bb Online UK Ltd. is one of the domains on the list of top reported gambling related domain sales of all time. It was sold in February 2003 for a little less than half million dollars or $460,000 in total. The name of the registrar is Bb Online UK Ltd. appears to be a full-fledged casino site today. appears to be a full-fledged casino site today.

9. – $500,000            

Date Sold: Apr 2012

New Owner: Palek International Ltd.

Palek International Ltd. has bought the domain name for half million dollars back in April 2012. It looks like the formation of the The British Virgin Islands- based company has been set up just for the purpose of this web site. According to Domain Name Wire, the sale was brokered by Moniker and it occurred during the live auction at DOMAINfest.


8. – $625,060                 

Date Sold: Mar 2008

New Owner: Balslev Media was sold for $625,060 in March 2008 to Balslev Media from Denmark. The domain sale was one of the largest .de sales ever recorded along with the domain sale of a year earlier. has gone through a number of owners and it sometimes featured different content. Balslev said that they are starting the site from scratch.


7. – $957,937  

Date Sold: Jul 2007

New Owner:

The sale took a while to complete, but was finally sold for whopping $957,937, marking the biggest domain sale of 2007. The domain was auctioned at the DOMAINfest by was bought by online gaming powerhouse As of this writing, is a German poker portal that targets poker beginners coming exclusively from Germany.


6. – $1,000,000             

Date Sold: Mar 2010

New Owner:

National A1 Advertising sold domain for $1,000,000 to, an affiliate company that works with online casinos, poker rooms and other websites. The company also operates the popular is an integral part of our growth strategy and will provide great dividends now and into the future,” said a spokesperson from quoted at Poker News Daily.


The outstanding debt for the sale was paid in full 2009.

The outstanding debt from the sale was settled and paid in full 2009.

5. – $1,100,000                            

Date Sold: Jan 1999

New Owner: Unibet (International) ltd.

Besides casino and poker, bingo is another popular online gambling department so no wonder why the domain name was sold for $1,100,000 in April 2009. The domain was first sold in 1999 by the company Bingo, Inc., but it was paid in full 2009. The deal included $200,000 cash payment, 500,000 shares of our common stock and an ongoing agreement to pay 4% of the gross revenues each year. The name of the company that currently runs is Unibet (International) ltd. licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority in Malta. More details can be found here.


4. – $1,350,000              

Date Sold: Oct 2013

New Owner: Rachel Rueda

Rick Schwartz, also known as the Domain King, registered in 1996 for just $100. By 2013 the domain increased in value and he was able to sell it for $1,350,000 to a Filipino owner under the name of Rachel Rueda. As of this wiring, the site is under construction.


3. – $2,500,000                   

Date Sold: Apr 2011

New Owner: KAX Media

Registered back in 1997, is another expensive gambling related domain that was sold for $2,500,000 in April 2011. According to Casino City Times, KAX Media is the company that acquired from Media Corp plc. The company is run by a group of online gambling veterans who have redeveloped the site as a safe online gambling harbor where you can play excellent casino, bingo and poker games as well as bet on sports.


2. – $5,500,000                                             

Date Sold: Jun 2010

New Owner: Unclear is made of just five letters. As Tech Crunch points out, that is more than $1 million per each letter. The domain that was originally registered back in 1995 was sold for $5,500,000.00. is an online gambling portal where gamblers can play various types of slot games. It’s unclear who the buyer is and nobody knows the identity of the seller either. Nevertheless, the seller has enough money to play slot for a long time. and are the highest gambling domain sales to date. Selling price for both: $5.5million and are the highest gambling domain sales to date. Selling price for both: $5.5million

1. – $5,500,000                          

Date Sold: Nov 2003

New Owner: Mansion Limited is the biggest reported gambling related domain sale recorded so far along with It was sold in November 2003 for whopping $5,500,000 in total. The new owner is Mansion Limited of Gibraltar, a leading online gaming company with more than ten years’ experience in the gambling department. is an online casino gambling destination where casino fans can register an account and safely play a great deal of casino games.

The domain is also ranked in the top 20 of list of the highest prices paid for domain names in the history as noted in the news and media. According to the list of most expensive domain name sales on Wikipedia that sold for more than $3 million, occupies the 15th spot.


Other Notable Sales That Didn’t Make the List

The following domains are not part of the top 10, but they are worth mentioning. They are listed according to the name of the domain and date and amount sold.

– – $400,000 (2010)

– – $300,000 (2006)

– – $298,000 (2007)

– – $225,000 (2008)

– (means “bets” in Spanish) – $221,000 (2013)

– – $220,000 (2008)

– – $206.906 (2010)

– – $165,000 (2009)

– – $165,000 (2009)

– – $160,000 (2008)

– – $150,000 (2007)

– – $144,900 (2012)




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