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2022 Online Casino Trends to Look Out For

- February 1, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

The future is here and we are already witnessing the rapid growth of the global online gambling industry. The industry is not only growing, but it’s also evolving. In 1997 it gained so much popularity that the number of online casinos grew to over 200. That same year, the global annual revenue from online gambling reached $1 billion.

In comparison, according to reports, in 2020, the global online gambling sector was valued at $66.7 billion, which clearly shows its rise in popularity. By next year, it is estimated to reach $92.9 billion. It is obvious how the iGaming industry became a money-making machine that stays on top of the latest technological trends.

We can already predict several trends for 2022. Online casinos in the UK and Europe will with no doubt keep up with new developments in order to stay competitive. Read on to find out what trends we can expect in 2022.


It comes as no surprise that customers seek out the most trusted casinos to enjoy their favourite slots, table games and live dealer games. In this day and age, companies have to be extremely careful when it comes to cybersecurity and providing players with a safe, reliable and responsible online gaming environment.

Over the next year, maintaining legal compliance will continue to grow in importance. This includes stringent KYC (Know Your Customer) processes to prevent fraud, other criminal activity, and to protect minors. Self-exclusion, setting limits and other responsible gambling efforts will also play an important role. Other notable security trends include two-factor authentication, advanced login (e.g. facial recognition), and faster withdrawal times.


Crypto is another emerging technological trend, not just in online gambling but in many aspects of modern living. Being a forward-thinking industry, many online casinos have already integrated cryptocurrency as a viable form of payment and withdrawal for their respective platforms. Most online casinos offer popular coin options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but soon some novelty coins will definitely make their way on these platforms.

More Lenient Government Regulations

If you are familiar with the online gambling industry, you already know that gambling isn’t as widely accepted as other industries in many parts of the world. In fact, some governments still outlaw and prohibit gambling outright within their respective jurisdictions. However, recent trends suggest that many governments will take a more lenient stand when it comes to gambling regulations.

VR and AR Gaming

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been around for some time. However, it’s only recently that online gambling platforms have started offering these game options for users. Currently, their VR experiences not only games but also more advanced technology like 3D avatars, gesture imitation, and live interactions. Instead of staring at monitor displays and engaging in bets through 2-D animations and movements, customers can thrust themselves into the middle of a virtual casino that greatly mimics the environment of an actual brick-and-mortar venue.

This being said, these technologies are slowly gaining ground, it will still take a couple of years before VR and AR technology in online casinos really take off.

Upgraded Gaming Experience

Younger generations are not interested in traditional slots and casino games. That is why software providers are always on to look out to create more interactive video game-style entertainment. Likewise, online casinos will have to integrate gamification features to keep players interested and immersed. This includes challenges, tournaments, points collecting or the casino’s special currency, etc.

Not only that, but players are demanding an iGaming experience that is fast, smooth and seamless. Faster registration process, instant withdrawals, easy navigation and a responsive UI no matter the device is another new 2022 emerging trend.

Mobile and Wearable Tech

We are used to having everything in the palm of our hand, and online gaming is not different. The latest in mobile gaming trends will be to go above and beyond the basic requirements of simply having an app. Operators are starting to make registering an account as easy as possible for new users. In addition, optimizing discoverability will be important to provide players with quick access to relevant games.

Another trend to keep an eye out for is gambling on wearables, like smartwatches. Creating an ideal experience for this specific device is challenging considering the size and shape of the screen. However, game providers, such as Playtech, have already seen the potential for the wearable gambling market and started working on slot apps for Apple Watches.


These are just some of the trends we can soon expect from the iGaming industry. It is important to work on improvement and innovations in order to stay relevant on the market. We are looking forward to everything we can expect from the industry giants coming our way in 2022.



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