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Can the Random Number Generator Be Trusted?

- May 26, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

Can Random Number Generator be trusted?

What is Random Number Generator and how it works?

With the arrival of casino websites, the gambling industry found a way to dispense with live dealers and complicated machines and introduce a mighty piece of software to fill in the void. We all know every casino game available online is tied to a program responsible for making its outcomes fair and random. Otherwise, the activities and intentions of a gambling site would be seriously questioned. Just like real card games, roulette and slot machines depend on completely random operations their online equivalents feature a factor of fairness and pure chance so as to come across as legitimate and believable. The system whose purpose is to guarantee fair play is known as the Random Number Generator, or RNG, and it is used by every software brand on the market.

How RNGs Work

The RNG technology is based on an algorithm which deals with random numbers. Its procedure starts with a starting digit called the ‘seed’ and then a series of mathematical operation gets conducted to ensure the final outcome of a spin or a dealt hand is absolutely arbitrary and unexpected. For this to happen, the mathematical operations and the algorithm loop can be recreated a countless number of times. It all happens at light speed almost, so new, unpredictable numbers get created by RNGs every millisecond. Such system found its purpose in online casino games as the realistic card shuffling and the moments defined by pure chance from brick and mortar casinos needed to be recreated in the virtual gambling world.

Fairness of the Random Number Generator

We have to say, we do understand the skepticism around RNG technology. After all, you can’t see with your own eyes how the RNG program works while investing you real money into the game, the game controlled by this ‘fragile’ program. From a gambler’s point of view, doubting in its trustworthiness is only natural. In its defense, the online gambling market is not the Wild West, and there are certain rules and regulations that need to be respected or else there will be penalties enforced upon casino operators. One of them is maintaining RNG standards at their highest.

Theoretically, if you knew the seed number you could find the way to beat the system and predict the software’s future outcomes after excruciating studying of mathematical principles. However, the seed numbers are unreachable. That makes the predicting of number sequences impossible, unless the casino has dishonorable intentions to manipulate the Random Number Generator and risk its license to operate.

To further prevent any tampering with the fairness of casino software, the operators are obligated by their regulatory bodies to subject the RNG to independent auditing and testing. Third party companies are responsible for making the games consistent with legal regulations. Numerous tests and evaluations are conducted by companies such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) and eCOGRA before the casino can count on their seal of approval. One of the most rigorous investigations is carried out upon the Random Number Generator. Rest assured that online casinos with a certificate of fairness issued by independent auditors offer completely random casino games thanks to the impeccable condition of their RNG.

Final Thoughts

One could say that RNGs are just as fair and evenhanded as the companies in charge of operating them, but considering the thorough care about players’ interests showcased in the honest work of third party auditors we have no reason to believe that certified online casinos offer anything less than games that are 100% fair. Find a reliable, trusted online casino with visibly published seals of approval from relevant testing laboratories and you’ll enjoy a completely random RNG-powered treatment during play.



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