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How You Can Block Access to Gambling Websites

- October 29, 2014 By Staff Writer -

Blocking access to gambling sites is not that difficult.

Blocking access to gambling sites is not that difficult.

Each gambling website has a responsible gambling policy, but not all of them adhere to it. Some are truly committed to creating healthy customer base and environment where all necessary means are offered and all measures have been taken to steer casino players away from irresponsible gambling. Others, although very few, are in disregard to helping their customers that are gambling excessively.

For the majority of casino players, gambling is just a fun past-time, but for some it can be a real addiction, an addiction that can make the world a living hell for entire families. That’s why many organizations have dedicated their time and resources to help people fight gambling addiction.

Self-Exclusion / Self-Banning

One very effective measure is self-exclusion or self-banning, if you are strong enough to admit that you have a gambling problem. The majority of casino operators give this option to casino players, when they don’t want to use their casino services anymore because of a gambling problem, so players arrange for themselves to be excluded or banned from the casino with the help of the casino itself.

How do I self-exclude myself?

This can be achieved in several different ways. The first and the most common way is requesting from customer support to block your account in order for you not to be able to access it. You can do this by specifying the duration during which you want your account blocked, while briefly explaining your reasons. Some operators offer the possibility to even delete your account yourself.

Can I “self-exclude” a family member or a friend with a gambling problem?

The answer to this question is no, because self-exclusion must come from the family member himself, the one with the gambling problem. The best help you can provide is to offer him assistance in overcoming his problem and to keep him away from gambling with all means necessary.

Website Filters and Blocking Software

Other means by which casino players can keep away from gambling sites is by using website filters and software with which all gambling contents are blocked. These same websites and software are also being used by governmental departments and other companies where browsing gambling contents is forbidden, so you can be sure how effective and how much used they are.


GamBlock provides software that you can use to block all gambling content. You can download their software from the official website and you only need to pay for the license. GamBlock even provides software for blocking all mobile gambling content.

Cyber Patrol

CyberPatrol is software used for monitoring your online or other people’s online activities, such as family members, your children’s activities etc. You can use it to block any website you don’t want access to, and you can set time limits on computers.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is probably the no.1 parental control software which used to protect your family from anything from pornography to gambling, and even online predators. It is available for Mac users too.


BetFilter is the only software package from all the above ones that specializes strictly in filtering and blocking gambling content. It works in close cooperation with the largest and oldest Scandinavian center for treating gamblers in Denmrk, called Center for Ludomani.


You can see that there are lots of different ways with which you can isolate yourself from gambling sites in case of a gambling problem, but the main concern is are you willing to use them, and is it worth developing gambling problem instead of gambling responsibly.



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