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Live Texas Hold’em: Strategy and Tips

- January 7, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Casino Hold’em Tips

How to be successful when playing live Texas Hold’em

The game of poker can bring a specific satisfaction to a card player, the gratification of busting other participants and triumphing as a sole winner. When you play online, and when you play live versions of Texas Hold’em, you are playing against an unlimited number of bettors, but your actual opponent is always the dealer.

In the live version of Texas Hold’em Poker, you’ll be able to monitor the game taking place in real time behind the screen, and be a live participant – place your bets, communicate with the croupier and everything, as if you were present right there at the table, except you’ll be stretching in your favorite chair at home the whole time. Multiple cameras will zoom in on the cards being shuffled and dealt and you won’t lose any of the precious moments that decide the hand. Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular specialty games in the world, an exciting poker variant streamed in HD around the clock: it’s right there for the taking, so how can you make the best of it? Well, by using proper strategies and helpful tips from experiences players and poker specialists, of course. Here are some of the useful advices you can start applying to your Live Texas Hold’em play for better results.

Understanding the Game

The first step in developing a working Texas Hold’em strategy is to understand all the aspects of the game, from the interaction among the players and the dealer to the odds and the advantages that come with the table position. Not to mention a complete understanding of the game rules and specific formats offered online. In simple words, there’s no point of starting to improve your game if you don’t know all there is to know about particular Texas Hold’em poker game you’ll be playing in your preferred live casino.

Know Your Position at the Table

In Texas Hold’em, the dealer always has the strongest position at the table. Why? Because he/she has the ability to bet last. The dealer has the most information. Possibly, the player who plays next has even more information that the dealer. Either way, it is common knowledge that the players in earlier positions have the weakest kick-off as the table is just been set and there is not enough info for making an educated decision about how to proceed.

When to Raise and When to Call

Raise big if you believe that you have the best hand. The weaker players will fold and you’ll up the stakes. You can also raise when you need more info about the table. You raising the stakes will make other participants raise, call, or fold and inform you about the strength of their hands. It is advisable to call when you have an excellent hand but you want to raise the stakes for the next betting round, or when you want to limit potential losses while having pretty good odds.

Keep the Play Tight

As much as the idea to win big sounds tempting, it is better to adopt a strategy of winning consistently. Win smaller but more often, instead of risking it to win big when you can also lose big. Be careful in the earlier rounds and see how the game flows – be conservative. Once you’ve gotten a safe read of the table or an unexpectedly good hand you can get more aggressive. After a while, you’ll develop an instinct and you’ll be able to adapt to different Texas Hold’em live dealer tables. Every game is a special, unique event, so don’t get cocky and play it smart.



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