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Online Keno vs. Land-Based Keno: What’s the Difference?

- October 23, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

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Differences between online keno and land-based keno. 

After the gambling industry has expanded to online venues, a number of land based casino games were “resurrected”, finding their way to a whole new, younger demographic. Keno is definitely one of the games that increased in popularity after spilling over to the internet and it wasn’t long before the game became a standard part of almost every online casino offer. Once online, Keno has been modified in a way that created a strong appeal to the new generation of players, making the game arguably much more popular in cyber space than it ever was in brick and mortar casinos.

Basic Rules of Keno

The structure of both land base and online Keno version is the same. The main objective of the game is correctly predicting which fields will be randomly selected on the board that contains numbers from 1 to 80. The player selects up to 15 numbers before the RNG is put in motion and the payout is generated depending on how many hits the players land. Simple enough, but extremely engaging, whichever way you turn.

Online and Brick & Mortar Keno Differences

Unlike in online Keno, where the number board is displayed across the screen, in the land based casinos the player will actually need to obtain the paper ticket and mark the numbers manually. The process of selecting the numbers can be automatized in the online version and the players can either mark the number themselves or let the machine do that on their behalf. With paper cards, changing your mind about the selected numbers is not really an option, unless you discard the ticket and start over.

Once the selection part is over, the players in land based facilities turn in their tickets to the cashiers (together with their chips) and receive a duplicate ticket. The entire procedure is significantly simplified in online casinos, and once you decide on your numbers, all you need to do is select the betting amount and click your way to placing the bet.

The number of sessions will depend on the number of tickets bought or the rounds selected on the online Keno screen – usually 1, 5 and 10. Obviously, the game is much faster when played online, but it lacks that social factor and rituals which make the game much more exciting, at least to a certain type of players. The increased dynamics and fast pace will be perfectly suitable (and possible preferred) by players who enjoy staying focused on the game and do not care about distractions.

Online vs Land-Based Keno – Pros and Cons

Online Keno Pros:

  • Automatic number selection – a feature which is not possible in land based casinos for obvious reasons. Opting for Quick pick will randomly mark certain numbers and the players can also add their own picks.
  • Clear or Unselect option – extremely useful option if you are of indecisive nature. Any selected field can be cleared and you can start over for as many times as you want, before the bets are placed.
  • Lower house edge – rarely over 12%
  • Multiple sessions  – although multiple sessions can be played in land based casinos, they are easier to track online, as the number of hits and rounds will be displayed on the side of the gameplay screen, giving the player some breathing room.

Online Keno Cons:

  • Sterility – lack of hubbub that this game offers in a land based casino could make online Keno a bit dull, but then again, this is relative to one’s personal preferences.
  • Speed – extremely fast paced game, which may not sit well with everybody.

Land Based Keno Pros:

  • Social aspect  – the turmoil of a brick and mortar casino definitely increases the adrenaline levels – in a good way.
  • Slower pace  – although the pauses between the sessions are limited, they are still sufficient to create a more steady atmosphere, which will allow the players to enjoy the moment and the game-flow.

Land Based Keno Cons:

  • Higher house edge  – around 30%, which, compared to approximately 12% in the online version is pretty high.
  • Requires more leg work – every single stage of the game – from selecting the numbers and placing the bets to cashing your winnings – requires the player to go back and forward to the Keno boot, which can be a bit tiring at times.



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