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Progressive Slots: Playing Maximum Coins

- April 14, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

How to improve your chances of landing a progressive jackpot while playing slots.

There is definitely nothing quite like progressive jackpot slots when it comes to life changing, big time winnings that can turn you into an overnight millionaire in a single spin. Controversial as they may be due to the lower RTP percentage and sporadic base game payouts, progressives slots are the true and raw games of chance, enjoyed by every adrenaline addict  – it is so much more than just winning the jackpot or stumbling upon the main game win here and there. It is a never ending war between you and the machine, you and the probability, you and luck; more than anything else, it is a race of you and other players, and it does not end just with the monetary prize, it ends with a victory.

And what makes progressive jackpot slots so compelling? The answer is more simple that you would assume. It is the wait. The gut feeling that you are getting closer to the finish line and the risk employed in the strategies you use to increase your odds. For, although it essentially is a game of chance,  progressive slots can be optimized to turn you into the next talk of the town, or in this case, casino.

Strategy  – Friend or Faux?

Since slots are operated by the random number generator – random being the operative word – thus ensuring the game’s fairness, there is little you can do without having an obvious pattern that you could use to your advantage. However, since this is clearly not the case, other devices must be employed in order for the players to make their way to the jackpot. Less is not more in progressive jackpot slots. Rule number one of progressives is to always maximize. There are different types of progressives and while some will qualify you for the main prize only if you place the highest possible bets, others can offer a range of smaller progressive jackpots for “small time players” while the amount displayed on the main Jackpot Meter is reserved only for the higher rollers.

In order words, stay clear of these types of slots if your are not ready to go all the way and increase both your coins denomination and number of coins per reel. In terms of profit and cash turnover, the same rule should definitely be applied to regular slot machines as it will lead to the higher cashouts; with progressives, max betting is inevitable and unless you are mentally and financially prepared to do it, staying away is the best strategy that you could use. Although this may sound a bit intimidating, it can actually be easily achieved by focusing on progressives entirely and cutting yourself off from all other online gambling distractions. By doing that, you can make sure that your entire recreational budget is directed towards the potentially most profitable outcome.

The other part of the strategy is selection and elimination. Since you have already made peace with the fact that some financial sacrifice is in order for the higher cause, the blow can indeed be soften by the careful selection of the progressive slot. Do not let the jackpot amount itself be the only criteria. Theoretical return to player percentage and the bet range are equally important and the first two elements one needs to consider before forming a decision. Maximum bets can only be sustained if you are playing on the slots that will not drain your budget in a short amount of time, leaving you high and dry.

The best strategy one can follow to prolong the gameplay and increase the winning chance is actually something that most of us share – common sense. Go for the the affordable slots that have a proven track record of winning and be consistent. Every next spin may be the one to make it all worth while.



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