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Slots Volatility: Make Your Choice Wisely

- April 26, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

What is slot volatility or variance?

Learn about slot volatility or variance so that you can choose perfect games for your style of play.

When it comes to selecting the perfect slot, most people tend to be dazzled by the theme, great visual profile and soundtrack. The majority of us rarely go in-depth when exploring a slot and the developer’s overall offer – a rookie mistake that can almost always cost you the time and money you are probably not willing to throw. Reality of the matter is that the visuals are the least important aspect of a slot and although helpful in keeping you interested, the first factor you need to investigate when switching from fun play to real money play is the payout frequency and percentage. In order words, you need to determine the amount of risk a certain slot carries and whether or not you are willing to take it. With online slots, one can even say that there are no winning and losing streaks, but rather low and high volatility slots.

What is Volatility?

The volatility (or variance) of the slot translates in the frequency and the money turnover that you can expect from the game. As mentioned, the volatility reflects the risk and quite often can affect the player’s choice. Those of us who enjoy the adrenaline will tend to seek high volatility games, or the slots that have sporadic, but high payouts. Low volatility slots on the other hand offer frequent and consistent winnings without any major fluctuations. Whether or not the slot is offering a high variance rate can be determined by looking at the RTP percentage. High variance correlates with the return to player percentage, which theoretically reflects the percentage of your bet that you can expect to win back. Being that high variance slots have a larger cash turnover, the percentage of your winnings is higher, thus resulting in the higher RTP.

In terms of variance or volatility, the slots can be placed under three different categories: High, Medium and Low volatility.

High Volatility

As you already realize, thrill is closely related to the game’s variance. This type of slots are in most cases the preferred choice of high rollers who are equally interested in beating the odds and enjoying the adrenaline induced by risk. The dead spins can seems endless, but once you strike the winning combo, the payout will be generous, making up for the seemingly endless dry season. If it is adventure that you seek and don’t mind the waiting game, you are likely to enjoy slots like Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk, Panther Moon, etc,

Low Volatility

By far the best option, if you are playing with a limited budget or if you enjoy a more frequent incentive. Low volatility slots will not make you into a fast millionaire, but they will reward you with plenty of small wins, long gameplay time and a slightly modest but still a pretty decent total payout – probably around 25% increase of your starting budget.

Medium Volatility

The best of both worlds – a cross between the frequency of low volatility slot winnings and high payout potential. Relatively frequent payouts will keep you on the court long enough to potentially hit the jackpot, allowing you to savour the game and the suspense of not knowing when that big win is going to come your way. Probably the best choice if your budget is not overly modest and you want it all – excitement of anticipation and regular treats!

How to Choose

The secret to winning just about any game is making it your own. Define what you are after and what you can financially endure and you cannot go wrong. If however, your recreational choices are intervening with your everyday life and putting a strain on your finances, chances are that your gameplay selection is not the wisest and will cost you even more in the long run. Always adjust your choice to your preferences and the amount of money you have on your disposal; once you start collecting on your winnings, you can gradually progress to the more challenging and exciting high volatility slots.



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