$7M in Advance Cash Going to the City

- June 17, 2015 By Samantha A. -

MGM is seeing delays in their new casino, and still has to pay city.

MGM is seeing some delays in the start of their new casino, but with the delay or not, the city is still going to be getting their $7 million in cash advances. They are not going to let up easily on the casino, and wouldn’t do so with any of the other businesses that find themselves having hardships down the streets of the city. This is something that might be difficult for MGM to do, but it is definitely something that needs to be done if the casino wants to open in some years.

The Background Information 

They are all considering the effect that it has on the community because of the delay that is happening. This is something that shouldn’t be happening, and it is something that is so the casino has to make sure that the community is not negatively affected by this problem that seems to be happening. When it comes to opening and actually making money, it does not seem like the casino is doing that. It seems as though they are running into problem after problem when it comes to being open and providing their casino services to those within the community.

When it comes to MGM, they are seeing a big problem with this delay but they want to make sure that they are set to go before they lose any more money when it comes to opening the casino to the public. This is all something that can be fixed, but they have to make sure that they take their time, go through the motions and make sure that the problems are straightened out before anyone is able to come in and actually use the casino when the time comes.

MGM is expected to give a complete report of the problems they are having, of the money that is coming in and going out and everything else when the time comes. They want to make sure that they are doing everything by law and code, and this is one of the problems that is getting them to go a bit slower than they should be, but it will all work out in the end.



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