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Chukchansi Casino Looking at Closure That Will Last

- October 14, 2014 By Samantha A. -

Chukchansi may be closed for a few months, officials say.

When it comes to the Chukchansi Casino, they are looking at a closure that may even last for months on end – and those that once visited the casino on a regular basis, this is not good news.
This came because of a tribal dispute between two different tribes that left one casino open for an attack, where the police had to be called, the casino closed and people sent on their way – except those that were staying the night. This was something that shook those that were staying. They did not know any details, and the tribe that came in with guns only took paperwork.
While this mess is sorted out, the officials are not opening the casino any time soon. They want to make sure that they have all the necessary paperwork, since some of the tax papers went missing, and they need to make sure that the casino is doing what they are supposed to be doing in order to keep running.
With this being said, so many people are wondering what is going on with the casino – and when their doors are going to open back up, especially those that live right next to the casino and wish to get their game on, cash earnings in hand and have a good time but the news that follows is not what they were hoping for.

The Verdict 

Closed for months is what the official said, this could happen and it just might if the situation is not handled, and the papers are not found. These records show many different things that the casino needs in order to keep running. So for right now, many people just have to wait to visit and hope that everything is sorted out sooner rather than later – so they can get back to playing.
We will keep you updated as information becomes available, and as we learn more. We will ensure that you learn what needs to be learned in order to provide you with a new opening date for the Chukchansi Resort and Casino, so you can book your stay.



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