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Father Has Been Arrested After Leaving Children in Car to Gamble

- August 29, 2016 By Samantha A. -


A father of two, who ultimately decided to go out and gamble, decided to lock his two very young children in a very hot car while he went into a Casino in order to gamble. On Monday night this man was arrested after he was improperly ticketed as well as released on the date of the incident.

This man who is not being named at this time from Ypsilanti who is at the age of 25 now faces the possible charges of abandonment as well as child neglect, is now being held awaiting arraignment as well as charges located at the Detroit Detention Center.

On the night of the incident the police stated that he was prematurely released before the investigation was actually concluded to ensure that there was enough evidence to make an arrest.

The sergeant also stated that this man fully cooperated with the authorities as well as taken into their custody without incident.

This man’s two very young sons which were at the ages of 2 years old and 5 months old, where rescued by the quick thinking of the casino employees who actually spotted them around 11:25 in the morning on Monday.  These two young children were locked inside of the 2010 Ford Focus which was located on the Casinos parking garage’s second floor which is located at the 29 hundred block of Grand River.  The concerned citizen forcibly entered the car and removed the two young children.  When the first police vehicle arrived at the scene of the incident the two young children were already outside of the vehicle, and waiting for the police to arrive within a close by office.

The two young children are now in the custody of their mother, which will depend on the outcome of the Child Protective Services investigation that is currently going on.



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