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First VR/AR Gambling Conference Held in Prague

- April 10, 2017 By Oliver Young -

Participants had a chance to discuss ideas for future projects.

VR gambling is the future, was the conclusion of the Conference.

The online gambling industry has changed since its early days. That is hardly surprising, considering that its emergence was only made possible by the significant technological developments. The technology continued to shape the industry as the years went by. HD slots, mobile gambling, live casino games – all weren’t available in the age when the industry was still in its infancy, they appeared much later.

Few years ago it became clear that virtual reality gambling is the future of the online casino industry. Last year, the first VR casino app was launched. This, one of the leading online casino software providers, NetEnt announced that it is working on the first real money VR slot game. It is evident that there will be a lot of ‘firsts’ when it comes to VR gambling. And so it seems, we just had another first. Namely, the first VR/AR Gambling Conference was held in Prague last week

A Truly Interactive Event

AR stands for augmentative reality and unlike virtual reality it present a completely new reality. Instead, it only adds certain elements to the existing reality, yet the experience is so vivid it makes you believe that the reality is transformed. Due to the obvious similarities between the two, the abbreviation VR/AR is often used to cover both phenomena.

The Prague conference featured gambling experts and connoisseurs from various countries, including the US, Israel, Spain, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. The participants shared their thoughts on VR gambling, they reflected on previous achievements and discussed future plans and possibilities.

Alexandre Tomic, founder of the first VR casino was one of the speakers at the Conference. His presentation was on VR in online gambling and it included discussion of innovations and the difference between real money and virtual money games. Tomic, considered a pioneer in the industry was one of the most prominent speakers at the Conference.

Kevin Williams’ presentation was also rated interesting, he discussed the mixed realities in gaming technology and Amir Ebrahimi, a software engineer also addressed the forum as a special guest, as part of the Developers section.

VR Is the Future, Concludes Gill

The event didn’t look anything like a standard conference where speakers address the audience, answer a few questions and then live. Instead, it was a much more interactive event featuring cooperation and engaging debate between speakers and other attendees.

Multiple important issues and questions were raised, visitors had a chance to get their questions answered and speakers heard numerous interesting and innovative ideas. The networking zone was, perhaps, the most interesting part of the Conference, where participants got to chat, socialise and exchange ideas.

Konrad Gill, who had a dual role of both a speaker and a moderator, said that it is more than evident that virtual reality technology will have a serious impact in our lives in the future, adding that nobody even questions that today. Gill also said that it is up to the gambling industry to claim a revolutionary role and become one of the fields where VR makes an instant impact, thus paving the way for its mass acceptance.



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