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Former Army Ranger Shot to Death Outside of Miccosukee Resort

- December 26, 2016 By Samantha A. -


After an altercation, a man was shot and died on Christmas Day within a parking lot located at the Miccosukee Casino and Resort that is located in West Miami-Dade.

It was on Christmas night, as the former Army Ranger Fernando Duarte was playing a slot machine within the casino and had hit the winning combination at the Miccosukee Casino and Resort, stated Duarte’s family members.

Just a few moments later, Fernando who was at the age of 33, was holding on for his life after he was shot in his wrist as well as his leg while he was in the parking lot of this West Miami casino and resort, stated the Miccosukee police.  Fernando passed away later while he was in surgery for his injuries.

On Tuesday it was not clear exactly how much Fernando Duarte won or if his winning actually played a role in this shooting and his death.

Miccocukee police stated that Fernando Duarte, Kenin Sherrod Bailey, and Mikey Tyquan Lenard entered into a very brief altercation while still inside the casino which is located at 500 SW 177th Avenue, just before 7:00pm on Christmas night, this altercation than escalated when they were in the outside parking lot at the casino.

The Miccocukee police continued to state that Bailey, who is at the age of 25, fired a weapon from the inside of a vehicle that was being driven by Lenard who is also at the age of 25.  One of the bullets that were discharged hit Fernando in his lower leg, as the other bullet that was discharged hit him in his wrist. 

Duarte was taken to Kendell Regional Medical Center where he passed away while he was in surgery, stated police.

Lenard as well as Bailey was apprehended by the police and both suspects are charged with 1st degree murder.  Both have been taken to the Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility and have been denied bond.



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