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Four Confirmed Dead after a Plane Crashes Near Casino in Elko

- November 21, 2016 By Samantha A. -

Four passengers of a plane that crashed were confirmed dead on Friday night near Elko, Navada.  A FAA Office of Communications Allen Kenitzer stated that a Piper PA 31 crashed Friday night with unknown circumstances within a parking lot that is located north east of the airport.  The local authorities stated that a total of four people were on the plane.

The National Transportation Safety Board as well as the Federal Aviation Administration will be investigating this aircraft crash.

A news station that is located in Reno, Nevada has reported that this plane crash ended in a very large explosion as well as a very large fire close to the Gold Dust West Casino that is located in Elko, Nevada.  Witnesses who were close to the Casino stated that they actually head the explosion as well as actually seeing the building itself shake.

One of the witnesses stated that the plane crash occurred around 7:15pm on Friday night, just about 12 yards away from the Gold Dust West Casino.

The Elko Daily Free Press also reported that the Cimmaron as well as the Aspen Ways as the Mountain City Highway were closed during this incident.

As of 3:30pm on November 19th, 2016 all four of the people that were aboard this plane have been identified.

The First of the passengers on the plane that was identified as a crew member and a fire paramedic Jake Shepherd stated the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office.

Another passenger was identified by the Elko Firefighters Association as being Tiffany Urresti.

The patient that was on the plane was identified by the Elko Police Department as being Edward Clohese.

The pilot of the plane was also identified by the Elko Police Department as being Yuji Irie.



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