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Free Drinks Reserved Only For High Rollers at Caesars

- September 29, 2016 By Nemanja L. -

No more free drinks for everyone at Caesars

Caesars cancels comped drinks for low rollers across Nevada.

Caesars Entertainment, one of world’s most famous gaming operators, has introduced a new comped drinks policy that is expected to further reduce the operating costs.

The casino operator has just agreed a deal with Apollo Global and TPG to restructure the huge debt and emerge from $18 billion bankruptcy, so it is hardly surprising they are looking for unconventional ways to cut back spending.

Las Vegas news outlet KTNV has now revealed that Caesars Entertainment has launched a new system across their Nevada properties designed to only offer free drinks to customers who spent big at the slot machines or gaming tables.

A new lighting system will be attached to the back side of video poker machines and only bartenders will be able to see the lights that will be blue at the start of the gaming session and will turn to either green or red depending on the customer’s bet volume.

If the player is staking big amounts of money, the light will turn green and will thus signal the bartenders that they qualify for free drinks.

The only exception concerns their Seven Stars and Diamond loyalty members, who will be entitled to free drinks regardless of the size of their wagers.

Caesars and MGM Find New Ways to Increase Revenue

It’s been several years now since Caesars first started to find alternative ways to improve their operating profits, having started charging resort fees for services that had been free previously, such as access to fitness centres and local phone calls.

Meanwhile, MGM Resorts were the first Las Vegas operator to test the new comped drinks system, while they also made a controversial move to reduce the shot volume from 1.5 oz. to 1.25 oz., after they determined that their customers would not be able to tell the difference.

MGM Resorts also decided to cancel free parking for their Las Vegas customers, and while such measures may have slightly improved their earnings, they have certainly had quite the opposite effect as there must have been quite a few regular customers who were so disappointed with unfair treatment that made them change their preferred gaming venue.



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