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Friends Star Matthew Perry Lifts Lid on Early Morning Casino Session

- March 26, 2015 By Nemanja L. -

Matthew Perry caught gambling in LA Casino

Friends actor Matthew Perry explains reasons behind early morning casino trip (Image: TMZ).

Friends actor Matthew Perry has moved to reveal the reasons behind last week’s much publicised visit to an LA Casino that took place in the early hours of morning.

Popular celebrity website TMZ last week published pictures showing the famous actor playing poker at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, which wouldn’t be such a big story in itself if the 45-year-old hadn’t arrived at the gambling establishment before 7am.

And while many believed Perry had pulled an all-nighter, the actor actually woke up early and went to the casino to pass some time.

“It’s not the best I’ve ever looked,” Perry told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. “At five, my eyes just pop open; I’m like a dairy farmer. It’s a new thing, but at five I am awake.

“So I figured there won’t be any traffic, there won’t be anyone in the casino, I’ll go and gamble for a bit. And then some jerk took my picture! The whole story was I lost a lot of money but two days later I went back and I won a lot of money and no one took a picture of that!”

Perry reportedly gambled away around $20,000 playing three-card poker while sipping coffee, but he later revealed he was much more successful on the second visit to the casino.

The actor returned to the casino a couple of days later at around 8.15am and he now realises that the first trip to the casino at early morning hours might have looked strange to some people.

Perry is not the only Hollywood celebrity that enjoys an occasional visit to the casino, as the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Teri Hatcher and many others have either taken part in promotional events or played in land-based establishments.

Texas Hold’em poker is usually the game of choice for well-known actors, while Ben Affleck was even banned from certain casinos for card counting while playing Blackjack.

About Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry made a name for himself with the extremely popular sitcom Friends, while he also played in a number of popular movies such as The Whole Nine Yards, Serving Sara and The Ron Clark Story.

The actor admitted he had fought alcohol and drug addition for a long time and he has mostly done television work over the last few years.

Perry is currently promoting the new TV show The Odd Couple, which is themed on the 1968 movie. The storyline follows two friends who share an apartment after their wives throw them out.

Matthew Perry was born in Massachusetts, but raised in Canada and he has a dual citizenship. As a child, he enjoyed a lot of success playing tennis, becoming a high-ranked junior player.



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