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Online Game Operators Targeted by Chinese Authorities

- August 30, 2016 By Nemanja L. -

China warns online game operators

Chinese authorities launch crackdown on online video game operators.

Chinese authorities have decided to take action against online game operators who are believed to have failed to adhere to safety regulations, news agency Xinhua have moved to suggest.

The world’s most populous country is not exactly a perfect place to be if you plan to spend your free time on the internet, and they have now turned their attention to video game operators.

A total of 26 gaming companies were warned to resolve various issues that include staging banned games and allowing users to register gaming accounts without using their real names.

At the same time, 16 of those operators are under investigation as they are believed to have staged online games that involved gambling, pornography or content “against social ethics.”

The companies in question have also been found to have failed to prevent minors from developing gaming addictions, as they are required to prevent minors from spending too much time playing the games online.

The Ministry of Culture will continue to monitor said 26 websites as they want all online businesses to fulfil their social responsibilities and improve the way they treat their customers.

Baidu in Hot Water

Less than a month ago, the Chinese authorities have launched a fresh action on illegal gambling activity and the country’s leading web search engine Baidu has been found guilty of breaking some security protocols as well.

Namely, various illegal gambling operators hacked regular advertisement links on the Baidu website, making sure customers who clicked on those ads landed on illegal gambling sites rather than the advertisers’ actual platforms.

Baidu eventually escaped heavy punishment as they were just warned and ordered to improve their security protocols, but the latest action by the authorities goes to prove that China will leave no stone unturned in an attempt to create what they believe is a fair playing ground.



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