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Pennsylvania Casino Fined for Letting a Drunk Man Gamble for Hours

- February 7, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

Pennsylvania casino receives fine for allowing heavily intoxicated customer to play slot machines.

Pennsylvania Mount Airy Casino Resort has been fined $25,000 for allowing a drunk customer to keep on gambling even when it was more than obvious a man was heavily intoxicated.

The Keystone State Gaming Control Board was outraged by the lack of any sort of action from the casino operators, who kept on serving drinks to a visibly drunk guest.

Man Drinks 27 Cocktails While Playing Slots

The incident in question occurred on October 7, and covered a time span of over nine hours. During this time, as the Board claims, the bartenders served 27 rum-and-cokes to the man playing slot machines at the Resort’s bar.

Even when it was more than obvious that the man was under the influence, the cocktails were still served, which is the fact the Board pointed out as particularly concerning.

Eventually, the unidentified man was about three sheets to the wind when he fell off his bar stool and went berserk. The casino security couldn’t restrain the wasted man, who was by that time in need of medical attention.

The whole ordeal took a turn for the worse when the police arrived. After resisting arrest, the man was taken into custody and spent a night in County Prison.

The fact that this is only the third fine of this type in 11 years of Pennsylvania’s casino market, shows the severity of the incident. Mount Airy Casino Resort accepted the penalty, calling the staff behaviour “unacceptable”. Further disciplinary actions were taken against the bartenders who participated in the incident, and the entire case was dealt with internally.

January Slot Revenue Down 2.4%

Meanwhile, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board expressed its concerns over January slot revenue, which was 2.4 percent lower than last year’s. 12 licensed traditionally operating casinos managed to gain a total of $180.3 million in the first month of 2017.

Parx Casino, Las Vegas Sands’ Sands Bethlehem and Rivers Casino were the three highest earning casinos in the State, with more than $75 million in revenue.



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