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Person Falls to Their Death at the Fox Tower Garage

- September 19, 2016 By Samantha A. -


A person that had a remaining arrest warrant is now dead following an incident that involved an officer shooting located at the Foxwoods Casino on Tuesday, stated Kelly Grant a State Police Officer.

The assailant in question was one of the many patrons of the Foxwoods casino, but he held an arrest warrant that was outstanding.  The Police confronted the patron on the fourth floor of the casinos parking garage.  It was at this time when the suspect fashioned a weapon, and shots started to be fired.

The suspect then fell from the fourth floor of the casinos parking garage and died.  The State police stated that at this time it is very unclear whether the suspect cause of death was from the actual fall or from a gunshot wound.

The representative for the police department also stated that no one else was injured during the incident.  Yet, the police did not state what the outstanding arrest warrant was for.

This unfortunate incident occurred in the Fox Tower Garage around 12:00pm (Noon).  This particular area was closed off to the public through almost the whole evening, but is now back open as well as the rest of the resort casino and the outlets.

The Foxwoods Resort and Casino stated that this incident was an isolated one that happened in the garage of the Fox Tower which was very quickly taken care of by the police and an ongoing investigation in the incident is still open.  The Top-Priority of the Foxwoods Resort and Casino still remains the wellbeing as well as the safety of their patrons and that at this time there is no longer a threat to any of the patrons.  All of the traffic which includes all outgoing as well as incoming has been restricted, but for the most part the rest of the location is still accessible and open to all of their patrons.



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