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Pragmatic Play Expands Online Bingo Offer With Progressive Drop Pots

- September 23, 2021 By Riley Wilson -

3 varieties of progressive pots!

Fans of online bingo games don’t get a lot of news these days. The genre is in a bit of a rut with not much room for innovation. However, Pragmatic Play has come up with a new bingo feature across its multi-platform multiplayer bingo network. It’s a whole collection of possible bingo jackpots, so there’s plenty of excitement to go around!

Three Daily Jackpots Across Multiple Bingo Rooms

The new additions are available across all Pragmatic Play casinos – more specifically, their dedicated bingo rooms. This software provider is relatively new to the online bingo scene, but they have a few variants to pick from. The most notable are their Bingo Blast variant, the Boombox room, and the Zoom Room.

Anyway, the rooms are all connected across different casinos and players. This means anyone playing Pragmatic Play bingo anywhere in the room contributes to the pot with each ticket purchase. These pots grow and are then released back into the community in three ways:

  • The Mini Drop Pot is the smallest jackpot and can be won multiple times each day. It’s awarded by winning a specific incremented ball call. In other words, if your ticket contains a specific combination of numbers, you win a piece of the pie.
  • The Midi Drop Pot also appears more than once per day by staying at a specified ball call until a certain time. It’s larger than the Mini but also harder to win.
  • The Maxi Drop Pot is only won once per day, but it’s the biggest of the bunch. It randomly drops for a house winner but is guaranteed to appear at least once per day.

Pragmatic Play Bingo Games

The best part about these progressive jackpot bingos is that there are so many variants. Every ticket across every Pragmatic Play bingo game has an equal chance to win, too. There are more than a dozen options with this provider, so you can play bingo online any way you want, and still get a shot at the jackpot.

Because each jackpot behaves differently, there’s a reason to be excited every time you join a new bingo room!



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