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Seven-Year-Old Gets Father Arrested for Illegal Gambling

- January 21, 2016 By Nemanja L. -

Indian boy reports father for illegal gambling

Seven-year-old boy from India gets his father arrested for drinking and gambling.

A young boy from India has made the worldwide headlines as he decided to report his father to the authorities for being involved in heavy drinking and illegal gambling operations.

Hindustan Times reported that Amir Shoalb had become fed up with his dad’s alcohol abuse and gambling activities that he decided to report him to the authorities.

Having been unable to persuade his father to stop his antics, the seven-year-old headed to a local police station in the Madya Pradesh state on 3rd January this year, requesting to speak to the police officer in charge.

The Boy Tips Off Police of Father’s Whereabouts

Kishore Patanwala later told the Hindustan Times that the youngster wanted his father to be arrested and informed him of the place where his father and other adults were taking part in an illegal gambling activity.

The police officer sent a police unit to said location to investigate the boy’s claims and indeed found Khan Shoalb and several other men gambling and drinking, before proceeding with the arrest.

Amir’s mother Zahida was furious with the boy when she found out about the arrest, but the police decided to reward the seven-year-old with Rs 1,000 ($15) for his help in the matter.

The reward reportedly made the boy’s parents proud and his brave decision to report his own father appears to have had the desired effect as his dad eventually decided to stop both gambling and drinking after seeing how it affected his own son.

Only Three Indian States Allow Gambling

Even if gambling is pretty much illegal in India, these illicit gambling activities are quite common in most states and the authorities are finding it hard to locate and arrest all the wrongdoers.

India federal government has left it to each state to decide on the legality of gambling and so far casinos have only been allowed in Daman, Sikkim and Goa, with the state of Maharashtra has yet to decide whether to become the fourth.

And while many are calling for the government to lift the ban on gambling, the Transport Minister Nitin Gadkarl made it clear last week that the country has no plans to change its stance on gambling any time soon.



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