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Strike Seems Inevitable for West Virginia Casino

- September 29, 2015 By Samantha A. -

A strike is surfacing, how are they going to handle it?

We live in a world where every dollar counts and all necessary precautions to protect one’s dollar should be taken into account before doing any kind of business in this country. The gaming industry is a booming industry littered with millionaires and billionaire owners who rely solely on the vices of the world to make piles of money. The unfortunate truth about this scenario of wealth is that none of these casinos could run without day to day operations and workers who sacrifice time with their families to make the minimal of money while the owners swim in it. Seems a bit unfair but that is how the capitalistic world has unfolded over time.

Mardi Gras Casino in Cross Lanes, West Virginia is facing strike threats from disgruntled workers right now. Nearly 200 workers have put the casino on notice of their pending strike demands and has put the casino in a precarious position to pay or lose business for however long they decide to strike. The legal side of things have resulted in a stalemate between the workers union and Mardi gras casino. The numbers seem to have reach a good point but the lack in respectable worker insurance coverage has stalled any possible progress. According to the local newspaper, the workers currently will be receiving state minimum insurance.

The strikers will look to initiate their strike on Oct 1st if negotiations do not change drastically. The Union behind the workers have put in major effort to assure the protection of the workers even offering to pay 50/50 with the company to cover premium increases but Mardi gras denied that proposal. The new insurance policy is slated to start Oct 1st which will result in either a resolution between parties or action on part of the strikers. Looks like Mardi gras casino could lose much more money if they allow this to move any further.



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