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The Last Tower from the Famed Vegas Casino and Hotel was Imploded

- August 15, 2016 By Samantha A. -


The very last tower that was part of the Riviera Casino and Hotel was ultimately reduced to a pile of rubble during the overnight implosion that took place on the Las Vegas Strip.

This implosion that took down the tower of Monte Carlo brought the end to the first high rise on the strip as well as one of Las Vegas’ most prominent casinos.

It took a series of these explosions in order to take down the Monaco tower which in fact was a taller tower that held 24 stories, back in June, which was distinguished as a controlled spectacle.  When the Monaco tower was demolished it was carried out among so much flair that included a viewing area as well as many local dignitaries and many fireworks at the end.

This time as they demolished the very last tower there was no assigned viewing area.  Due to the fact that there was so much dust that came from the demolition that nearby residences as well as many businesses were told that they were either to stay indoors or leave the demolition area during as well as a half an hour after the demolition took place.  This was in fact very similar to what actually occurred during the demolition of the Monaco tower.

The Riviera Casino and Hotel which indeed held 2,075 rooms closed its doors in May of the year 2015 after a long 60 years of hosting many headliners from Liberace all the way to Dean Martin which was located on the Strips north end.

This property is now owned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority who has chosen to spend a total of 42 million dollars in order to level this 13 building site.



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