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UK Gambling Commission Releases Gambling Participation and Perceptions Report

- February 28, 2018 By Oliver Young -

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UKGC has published the 2017 report on Gambling Participation and Perceptions.

UK Gambling Commission has released the Gambling Participation and Perceptions report for 2017. This document aims at revealing the latest customer trends in the Kingdom; plus, it tracks problem gambling estimates, participation rates, Internet gambling behaviour, attitudes towards gambling as well as consumer awareness of tools created to help them deal with problem gambling.

On behalf of the Gambling Commission, Ben Haden, programme director, stated that their latest three year strategy gives them a role in “developing a strong evidence base” as well as “improved understanding” of the gambling impact on the society. He also pointed out that the report played a crucial role towards that goal because it was offering a “comprehensive view” on the habits British public has in regard of gambling.

Moreover, Haden has stated that the research conducted by the Commission reveals that the main factor to influence where consumers gamble is the company’s reputation of being “fair and trustworthy.” Therefore, he concludes, UK gambling operators that offer good and responsible treatment towards customers have a greater competitive advantage.

Laptops Remain the Most Commonly Used Devices for Online Gambling

A short glance at the Online Gambling Behaviour graphic reveal lots of interesting details such as favourite devices of players. With half of the consumers gambling via laptops, this type of device remains the most popular option among players. Nevertheless, the use of mobile phones has jumped to 39% in 2017, noting a 10% growth in comparison to 2016. Similarly, the use of mobile phones and tablets is increasing as well; recording 51% in 2017, this segment has jumped for 8% compared to 2016.

It seems that online gambling is mostly seen as a hobby in which consumers partake mainly from their homes. A total of 97% of players gamble at home. However, the report reveals that consumers under 35 are more likely to gamble outside their homes, while 22% of consumers between 18 and 24 gambles at work. According to the figures published by the UKGC, there is an average number of 4 accounts, while in the past 4 weeks 1 in 4 gamblers have taken part in in-play betting. Moreover, in the past 12 months 6% of the participants had bet on eSports.

Awareness or Use of Self-Exclusion Tools Has Jumped to 41%

Consumer Analysis graphic reveals details related to management tools, complaints and gambling advertising. This document shows that 60% of gamblers have either seen or received gambling related info from an operator. A bit lower share, 51%, of people have seen a gambling ad on TV in the past seven days. Nevertheless, the percentage of gamblers that have been prompted to gamble by ads has jumped for 7% to 53%.

It is evident, however, that consumers have better awareness in terms of self-exclusion and other management tools. Thus, 6% of gamblers have self-excluded and the awareness rate of self-exclusion has reached 41%. Nonetheless, financial limits remain the most popular tool among gamblers as they are used by 10% of the consumers. It is interesting to note that 8% of consumers have filed a complaint regarding a personal gambling experience.



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