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Woman Claiming She Was Robbed at the Casino

- April 21, 2015 By Samantha A. -

Woman was stolen from while enjoying the casino.

A woman that was staying in Tulalip Resort and Casino stated that her BMW was stolen, and her purse which contained her cash, identification and keys to her car. While she was out and about enjoying the day, someone must have slipped into her room and grabbed it. However, she states the door was fully closed and locked, while the casino is stating that her room door must have been left open some for the person to get in there and take her items.

When it comes to visiting the area, she thought she was going to have the time of her life, but this is untrue when it comes to putting her money down on the tables, hitting the spas and relaxing within her hotel room. What she didn’t expect was to go through a nightmare in which she was the prime victim. This is something that the police told her has happened often. They recovered her vehicle outside of the city, but didn’t have any traces of anything left behind that might have been hers.

Thousands of dollars worth of clothing and jewelry was stolen from her room, from her bags, as well as her cash and other items. This is something that shouldn’t be a shock, since casinos bring crime as many people believe, but for once, it was shown that they do not and then something like this happens. As for the woman, she states that she feels violated and she will never go back to the casino ever again, and after speaking with the police, advises others against it, as well.

Thinking it is an inside job against those that come to the casino, she wouldn’t trust them ever again. If it was  something that just randomly happened, she might feel safe but since she strongly believes that her door was fully closed, latched and locked then there could only be one suspect – the casino – that took her stuff and her car and ran away with it all.

This is not how you should feel when visiting an establishment. While the casino denies it all, it is still something that is weighing heavily on her heart.



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