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Work Now, Play Later at the Ilani Casino Resort

- March 14, 2017 By Samantha A. -


High in the sky a black screen flashes the message: “Let’s Play. Let’s ilani,” which invokes the Cowlitz Indian Tribe word for sing.  The sign also continues to say “Ilani Casino Resort, Coming Spring of 2017. 

A new sign that will include a 25 foot X 40 foot electronic billboard, will be used to promote concerts as well as comedy shows to those who drive on I-5.  At this point the sign only teases drivers with photos of people enjoying themselves as they eat and laugh.  Ilini could ultimately reveal the opening day as early as a few weeks from now.  The president as well as the General Manager Kara Fox-LaRose states that they are now in early March and are in fact planning on the grand opening somewhere in the middle of April. 

This project has been under construction since the month of January in the year of 2016.  There are many projects going on inside of this 510 million dollar project, the gaming center that is 368,000 square feet is just about complete, as well as the new roads, infrastructure and freeway interchange.

Still Hiring

The resort is still looking for new employees, they have been hiring none stop since the month of December, and they are hoping to be fully staffed by opening day.  Currently they have a total of 200 on their payroll, with another 800 that have been hired but have not went through the process of training. 

Gaming Plans

Once they open the doors, this casino will provide approximately 2,500 gaming machines as well as 75 table games which will include Spanish 21, three-card poker, mini-baccarat, blackjack, and craps.

These table games were chosen after extensive research was done on what games local gamers seem to play the most.

Left on the Table

Even after they open their doors this casino is likely to hide something up the sleeve.  They have alluded to the potential of having other gaming systems that utilizes technologies other than traditional slot machine and card gaming tables.



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