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Yucatan Won’t Issue New Licenses, Say the Authorities

- March 13, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Mexico refuses to issue new gaming licenses in the state of Yukatan.

The Mexican Secretariat of the Interior (SEGOB) has announced that the authorities have ceased issuing licenses in the State of Yucatan.

Rubén Valdez Ceh, delegate of SEGOB said no additional licenses would be granted for the time being, although a number of casinos had expressed interest in opening their facilities in the state.

No New Casinos For the Time Being

At this time, there are five casinos operating in the state capital, Merida.

There were rumors that licenses could be granted for setting up an establishment in Tizimin, but Valdez Ceh rejected it, and once again emphasized there would be no authorization to open new casinos in Yucatan in the coming period.

The official stated that licenses were awarded on a federal level and that up to five or six permits were allowed per state, depending on certain conditions established on a state level.

No Word On Future Plans

Valdez Ceh also stated the Secretariat of the Interior would continue to work on key matters related to the prevention of offenses related to mini casinos operating in shops and other premises. These type of venues house up to two or three slot machines depending on the size of the shop. According to local press reports, mini casinos have recently grown in numbers in public places, taking wagers of up to $105 on a daily basis.

Back in April 2017, the Mexican authorities began a massive crackdown on illegal gaming in Yucatan, confiscating 39 slot machines in Maxcanu, the town located in the western part of this Mexican state.

In November last year, another 35 slot machines were confiscated by the office of the General Prosecutor in Valladolid. In both these cases, the establishments housing these slots were in violation of the country’s Raffles and Gambling Act, a piece of legislation in effect for more than seven decades.



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