Bermuda Passes Casino Gaming Amendment Act

All operators will have to go through a three stage application process.

- December 5, 2016 By Oliver Young -

Bermuda is an island in the Sargasso Sea and one of the British overseas territories. This island passed a Casino Gaming Act in 2014, which was supposed to legalise casino gaming in the country. The logic behind the adoption of this act was that it would bring higher tourism profits and that it will open […] Continue Reading

Casino Legalisation Debate in the Japanese Parliament

The largest Liberal Democratic Party is in favour of the proposal.

- November 30, 2016 By Oliver Young -

This is a very interesting time for the casino industry in Asia. While China and its administration are doing all they can to prevent gambling and gambling-related marketing, including arresting people associated with a casino group, Japan has been considering the option of legalising gambling on its territory. It is not the first time that […] Continue Reading

Cyprus Blocks Access to 2,500 Gambling Websites

- November 29, 2016 By Nemanja L. -

Cypriot authorities have started blocking unlicensed gambling websites as the country edges closer to introducing a new gambling legislation, it has been revealed. Online casinos, poker sites and exchange betting are all forbidden under the Betting Act 2012, but residents of the country were able to access international gambling websites as there was little to […] Continue Reading

Adelson in a New Attempt to Ban Online Gaming

Some suggest that the GOP would like to thank one of their biggest donors, but it would be unconstitutional.

- November 28, 2016 By Oliver Young -

Sheldon Adelson, the biggest and most powerful opponent of online gambling in the US, doesn’t seem to be giving up on his idea to ban online gambling on a federal level. His attempt in 2014 was unsuccessful and he made several other attempts since. His biggest ally in the US Senate, Tom Cotton submitted an […] Continue Reading

New National Harbor Casino Has to Pass Test Before They Can Open the Doors

- November 28, 2016 By Samantha A. -

The gaming officials of Maryland are now conducting many controlled demonstrations inside the New MGM National Harbor Casino.  These test will in fact test for accuracy within the slot machine games, Maryland Gaming Officials will actually have many guest playing these machines in order to test the accuracy.  Not only will they be testing the […] Continue Reading

China Formally Arrests Three Crown Resorts’ Employees

Chinese authorities accuse them of promoting gambling, which is illegal

- November 23, 2016 By Oliver Young -

It seems that the problems for one of the largest Australian casino groups – Crown Resorts, aren’t stopping. First it was announced that Chinese authorities detained many people who were accused of promoting gambling and Crown Resorts in China, where gambling is illegal. The media reported that some of the detainees were employed by Crown […] Continue Reading

UK Authorities Consider New Gambling Tax Proposal

Online Gambling dominated UK's gambling industry

- November 21, 2016 By Oliver Young -

It seems that UK gambling operators might face a tax increase in the upcoming period, as media in the country reported that the Government might introduce a new tax provision that will result in taxation of free spins and other bonuses. This new measure, if implemented will directly affect UK’s gambling operators who will have […] Continue Reading

Four Confirmed Dead after a Plane Crashes Near Casino in Elko

- November 21, 2016 By Samantha A. -

Four passengers of a plane that crashed were confirmed dead on Friday night near Elko, Navada.  A FAA Office of Communications Allen Kenitzer stated that a Piper PA 31 crashed Friday night with unknown circumstances within a parking lot that is located north east of the airport.  The local authorities stated that a total of […] Continue Reading

New Jersey’s Battle to Legalise Sports Betting Continues

- November 17, 2016 By Nemanja L. -

The state of New Jersey has received backing from the American Gaming Association (AGA) as they hope to take their sports betting appeal to the US Supreme Court. New Jersey’s plan to allow sports betting in Atlantic Casino establishments and racetracks has hit numerous setbacks so far, and the Supreme Court appeal is their final […] Continue Reading

Crown Resorts’ New Sydney Casino Project Might Be Postponed

Residents claim that the large hotel tower will block their access to sunlight.

- November 14, 2016 By Oliver Young -

  Casino Resorts, a large Australian casino operator, made the global news after 18 people were arrested in China. In addition, 87 of people who visited Crown Resorts’ casino in Macau were questioned by the Chinese police. The story begins to unwrap and one of the people who was arrested, a Chinese national who was […] Continue Reading

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