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The New Megaquads Slot Mechanic

- December 2, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

In Slot Vegas Megaquads, one of BTG’s latest online slot games, players take control of 4 reel machines simultaneously. Coming from the company behind Megaways, this may be one of the most exciting recent innovations in online gaming. It certainly feels different than almost any other slot on the market.

That said, it’s easy to see how Megaquads could be confusing for new players. Let’s dive into the BTG Slot Vegas Megaquads game and see how it all works.

What is Megaquads?

Megaquads is a slot game engine that currently only appears in one game – the Slot Vegas Megaquads. However, BTG has announced plans to expand the series, depending on the success of the debut.

What makes Megaquads unique is that you’re not just playing four separate slot machines. Instead, the four tables can interact and combine into huge wins.

First of all, the tables all work in the classic Megaways manner. This means that there are no pre-set paylines. Instead, you have to arrange symbols in each reel going from left to right. The row in which symbols on the reel appear doesn’t matter. Individually, all four of the tables have 256 different winning combinations.

However, for most of the gameplay, Megaquads are nothing more than 4 simultaneous slot games. While this can be fun in its own right, it’s not particularly innovative or interesting. The key to combining the reels and unlocking Megaquads’ potential are features like Free Spins and Rainbow Wilds. That’s what they’re called in Vegas Slots Mega Quads – the name can change once more Megaquads slots are released.

How Megaquads Works

Every time two Rainbow Wild symbols appear on two reel tables that are next to each other, they connect horizontally. For a time, the two become a single 8-reel Megaways slot. This may seem minor at first, but the Megaways mechanic means there are now 65,636 ways to win. Needless to say, it can be very exciting to play Megaquads slot for real money. It’s quite a volatile slot game.

But it doesn’t stop there. Free Spins in this game also make two reel tables combine vertically into a 4-reel, 8-row slot. These give players 4.096 ways to win. However, because of the usual Megaways, the 8 slots increase your chances of hitting winning combinations exponentially.

Slot Vegas Megaquads become even more insane if you’re lucky enough to trigger both features at the same time. The grand total goes up to 16,777,216 ways to win.

How To Play Megaquads

As mentioned previously, the majority of Megaquads BTG gameplay comes down to spinning 4 smaller slot machines. Triggering the actual innovative part hinges on other features and mechanics, as discussed above.

The problem with addressing the topic is that it just comes down to the question of how to play Slot Vegas Megaquads. It is the only game of its kind to date. We can’t say for certain that the mechanic will be implemented in the same way to other titles. Perhaps combining different reel tables will work differently in the future. Along with Megaclusters, it’s one of the new mechanics that may yet take off in the future.

For now, though, the only current iteration is a worthwhile offer from Big Time Gaming. It’s an extremely volatile slot game with 96.59% RTP and a 45.000x max win. It’s extremely feature-rich and has proven to hold players’ attention for quite a while. Perhaps that’s the best thing about Megaquads in its early stages. By turning one game into four, something interesting is always happening. It also feels like no spin is a complete waste because most of them provide some sort of return.


  • How Does Megaquads Work?

Megaquads works by occasionally combining 4 reel tables into one. You can find more details above.

  • What is the Best Megaquads slot?

Slot Vegas Megaquads is currently the only Megaquads slot, which also makes it the best one.

  • Where to play Megaquads Slots?

BTG games are available across hundreds of top online casinos. For now, we can recommend 32Red Casino and Black Diamond Casino.

  • How is Megaquads different from Megaways?

For starters, Megaaquad essentially combines four small Megaways slots. However, it’s obvious MEgaways was the starting point for this innovation.



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