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What Is RTP in Gambling Games and How Does It Work?

- July 26, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

what is rtp in gaming

While browsing around online casino games as a new player you might have come across the term RTP. This acronym stands for “Return to Player” and it usually appears in the description of each casino game. It is presented in percentages and is crucial player information that every game should display upfront.

Knowing the RTP of each game helps you determine where to invest your time and money. It allows you to make informed decisions and manage your budget and expectations when playing casino games. In this article, we go in-depth about RTP and how knowing it brings a better gaming experience.

Casino RTP in Gaming Explained

As we covered, RTP is the “Return to Player” value of each bet that you make while playing casino games like slots, blackjack, etc.

The RTP value in gambling describes the percentage amount of money players receive in return when they invest in a game. For example, if the slot game RTP is 96% and your wagers are $100 each, then you will on average over many spins receive $96 in return for every $100 bet. This rough value helps you determine the ratio between your investment and your reward.

Following this piece of information, you can generally determine what game to choose beforehand. Moreover, when considering what title to invest in, compare the RTP values of similar games on that website. Mathematically speaking, you should choose the slot game or the blackjack game with much higher RTP values than the rest. For a pleasant gaming experience, always scout the RTP values ahead of time.

What Is a Good RTP Percentage?

Optimistically speaking, the best casino RTP percentage would be 100%. However, this is never the case. RTP values generally vary between physical and online casinos, and between different types of games. Physical casinos usually have lower return to player values of 80% to 90%, whereas online casinos go well beyond 90%. Taking the RTP in slots as an example, the values move from 97.40% upwards to 99% in some of the most popular slot games like Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000. Blackjack typically has the highest RTP among casino games with values going close to 99%. Additionally, there are the games like European roulette where values are standardized at 97.30% due to the physical design.

How Is RTP Calculated?

When considering casino RTP percentages, it is valuable to know how they are determined.

Return to player values for online games are calculated through hundreds of thousands of outcomes from players globally. For games with complex or additional mechanics, the calculation needs even more outcomes for the RTP value to be accurate. It is safe to say that the final RTP percentage may be the average from millions of results.

Therefore, the outcomes of solo games can be highly chaotic and random when playing fewer rounds or having fewer spins. In these cases, the RTP you experience and the value listed on the website might not match. If you are doing your own calculations in a free game for example, remember that the RTP values are more accurate the more rounds are played.

How Is RTP Connected to Volatility?

Now that you are familiar with the meaning of RTP in gambling, you may start to notice additional terms in games like variance or volatility. These are essentially two terms for the same thing that accompanies the RTP value.

Volatility in online gambling determines the ratio of wins and losses, and the winnings gained. Moreover, it approximates how big the reward is when players win their bet. A game with low volatility generally means that you will be winning more, but with smaller prizes. Consequently, a game with high volatility has you winning less, but when you win the prize is substantial.

Finding the proper balance between RTP and volatility is crucial for a pleasant gaming experience. Even though games with greater volatility offer greater rewards, choosing them might not be the best option. Their outcomes can be highly unstable, which does not bode well for your wallet. Games with a higher than average RTP and low to medium volatility are perfect for a safe gaming experience. Then again, it is all up to personal preference so feel free to experiment.


The significance and meaning of RTP in gambling are important to recognize. Taking this value into account will help you make informed decisions before playing. Be sure to consider RTP and volatility together for maximum information when choosing which online casino game you want to invest your money in. Remember that a little research ahead of time through online reviews or personal searching saves you a lot of resources later.



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