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Ben Affleck Slams Casinos for Unfair Treatment

- September 18, 2014 By Nemanja L. -

Ben Affleck claims casinos banned him for being good at Blackjack

Ben Affleck admits to card counting, but rejects claims he was thrown out of casinos.

Hollywood star Ben Affleck has finally lifted the lid on speculation that he was evicted from a number of land-based casinos for counting cards while playing Blackjack.

The 42-year-old was reported to have been banned from playing Blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino back in April before a similar scenario happened next month at the Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario.

Affleck has now moved to confirm that he had been told to stop playing the game, but denied reports he was evicted from any of the brick and mortar casinos.

Affleck Confirms Card Counting Claims

“That is true. I took some time to learn the game and became a decent blackjack player. And once I became decent, the casinos asked me not to play blackjack,” the actor told Details Magazine.

Even if card counting is not illegal, the casinos have the right to ban the player if they suspect he is using the said strategy to improve his winning chances.

Affleck has rejected claims that he was thrown out of the casinos, revealing that he had been encouraged to try his hands in other games seeing as how the gaming establishments wanted his presence but did not give him a fair chance to win some money.

The actor had worked hard to perfect his Blackjack skills and was in turn frustrated by the treatment he received from the casinos given that he was banned from playing his favourite game as soon as the casino staff realised he was good at it.

Ben Affleck has finally decided to speak up about his gaming ventures because he does not consider himself to be a problem gambler and he has no issues with talking about his hobby.

Meanwhile, he has rubbished claims suggesting that his wife Jennifer Garner was upset with her husband’s gambling habit, while revealing that said casinos had actually offered him all kinds of perks and benefits to lure him in before finding out how good he was at Blackjack.

The star of the Gone Girl movie was speaking to Details Magazine together with the film director David Fincher last Sunday in Los Angeles. The movie in question has raised quite a few eyebrows with its dark theme and some controversial motifs and is set to premiere on October 3 in the United States.



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