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Four Seasons in Macau Gets Robbed and the Police Arrest Four Suspects

- May 27, 2019 By Oliver Young -

Macau is the second-best online gambling destination in the world. Countless visitors consider it as an even better option than Vegas, and that’s why Macau’s casinos make billions year after year. The difference between Vegas and Macau is that Macau’s casinos are visited by VIP players. As reported last year, high rollers prefer Macau, and their large bets contribute to the gambling revenue a lot.

And naturally, all of this makes Macau the hot new target for robbers. Four Seasons Macau is their most recent prey. Two robbers performed a stunning raid, taking HK$3,100,000 in chips a few days ago. They didn’t get away with it because they were caught by the police eventually, but still, managed to trick the security.

Four Seasons Macau gets robbed, the police arrest 4 suspects and recover the HK$3,100,000 in chips and cash.

Four Seasons Macau gets robbed, the police arrest 4 suspects and recover the HK$3,100,000 in chips and cash.

The Movie-Like Robbery

Even though casinos in Macau implement the highest security means, genius minds manage to manipulate them and get away with millions in their possession. As the Judiciary Police in Macau reports, the two robbers committed their crime at a baccarat table, and as they were on the way out of the casino, they were noted by the security. The security guard and one of the croupiers were blindsided by a pepper spray, and the robbers initially got away from the casino safely.

In under 24 hours, the police arrested four suspects, three men and a woman, aged 20 to 40 from Mainland China. Namely, one of the male suspects came to the casino earlier, disguised as a woman, to inspect the casino and check out its security strategy and cameras. After carefully planning the robbery, the suspects, as reported by the police, committed the crime in less than 3 minutes. As stated by the police, they pepper sprayed the casino staff, who received medical attention right after the robbery.

The two robbers who actually carried out the robbery went separate ways in two different taxis. They met with the woman in a restaurant, gave her the chips and continued their escapade to Zhuhai through the Gongbei control point. In a matter of hours, the Zhuhai police arrested them.

But the story doesn’t end here. The women, then, met with the third man in another casino in order to exchange the chips for money. This is when they got arrested, so the police managed to recover the stolen money in both chips and cash.

Crime Continues in the Streets of Macau

The most insane thing is that a week earlier, four men were stabbed, one fatally, during a fight outside Four Seasons. Even though the police met with the local casino regulator Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau in the Venetian Macao resort hotel two days earlier, to talk about better and faster coordination response times in situations like this, it looks like it didn’t do much good, as the robbery stroke fears further for the Macau residents.

Casino-related crimes in Macau are 14% up. Even though most of the crimes are of less violent nature, at least one case ends in murder. Most of the feuds involve money lending, but many finish in physical confrontations. The police stressed that they’re working on effective and speedy communication with the casinos, to prevent and stop future events like that.



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