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Online Casino Games with Worst Odds

- April 15, 2022 By Riley Wilson -

Online Casino Games With Worst Odds

If you are a person who likes to feel the thrill and anticipation of placing bets, you have most certainly tried online casino games. In addition to them being more convenient, there are also different types of games catering to any kind of player. Some of these games have better odds than others, meaning you have a higher chance of filling up your pockets. Games with lower chances of winning can be interesting, however, you will not be able to come up with a prize often. Keep reading our article to find out which online casino games have the worst odds.


Ironically, one of the games with the worst odds of winning is one of the most popular online casino games. Slots offer the lowest chances of walking away a winner. Their software is programmed in a way to get a high return for the institution, which gives the online casino a great advantage over the players. However, they are hard to resist, especially when they are packing astonishing prizes. Granted, some online slots have better RTP than others, so it might be a good idea to inform yourself before making that first bet.

Wheel of Fortune

The famous Wheel of Fortune is another game known for the lower winning chances. The wheel itself features segments on which you place your bets. Your prize will depend on which segment the wheel landed. You will have more chances to win if you bet on the dollar zone, since it is the largest, however, the payout is not that great. Although the game is thrilling and exciting, you might want to consider a different casino game if you wish to earn some extra money.


Keno is another game you will often come across in a casino lobby. Not only there, but you can find this game at gas pumps, sports betting places, and online as well. Keno is considered the worst game you can choose to bet on. The average house edge hovers around 25 percent, but the pace of the game is pretty slow. If you only make one bet per game, you will not lose a lot of money. Keno stands as one of the most accessible betting format, and there is nothing wrong with placing a bet now and again, but do not expect that the game will make you a millionaire.

Final Word

Again, there is nothing wrong with playing these games, especially since they can provide lots of entertainment. Just be careful when you play, since the anticipation and thrill they provide can be addicting. Before visiting an online casino do yourself a favour and inform yourself about games you might find, and rules how to play them. Set up a budget and follow it, to stop yourself from spending more than you planned. Be responsible, and avoid games with the worst odds of winning.



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