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UK Betting and Gambling Operators Are Launching an Awareness Campaign

- September 18, 2017 By Oliver Young -

Some advocate for a live sports advertising ban, similar to the one introduced in Australia.

Many in the UK feel that gambling advertising should be restricted.

Very few countries are as relaxed as the UK when it comes to betting and gambling. The legal frame is pretty liberal, and millions of Brits enjoy an occasional bet on a casino game or their favourite sport. The increased use and popularity of the internet saw the birth of the online betting and gambling trends and later on when the first mobile betting and casino apps appeared, things became even simpler for punters and players.

However, lately the number of people who think that betting and gambling should be regulated more restrictively seems to be growing. To make matters worse, some of the opponents of having a liberal approach towards betting and gambling are at pretty high positions and might influence the further steps that the Government and other authorities might take towards betting and gambling.

The Pressure Mounts                     

Last month, the UKGC stated that problem gambling should be tackled more seriously and earlier this month the Labour deputy leader suggested that betting operators should be banned from sponsoring football clubs.

Betting and casino operators can be pretty certain that the pressure will be mounting on them in the upcoming period, especially since some companies have already been fined heavily for improper implementation of the UKGC guidelines.

The Department which is in charge of Sport and Media (DCMS) is going to publish its latest report on the gambling industry in the upcoming weeks and it has been reported that it will also include the Government’s view on gambling advertising. It has been suggested that the number betting and gambling adverts that are shown on the telly has grown. If we know that the Labour Party has already pledged to push forward for more restrictive legislation, one can assume that the Government might also wish to tighten its grip on the industry.

The operators don’t want to be caught off guard and that’s why they have decided to fund an awareness campaign to fight gambling addiction. The campaign will be launched in cooperation with broadcasters and its budget is estimated at £8 million.

Betting and Gambling Advertising Might Be Restricted 

However, it is clear that some of those who suggest stricter gambling regulations will not be convinced by this move. The Labour Party has already warned the Government that the campaign cannot be a substitute for what they consider to be proper regulation.

The Labour deputy leader feels that the timing of the campaign is problematic, because it comes simultaneously with the initiative to introduce stricter regulations. Watson reaffirmed his position that there’s a hidden gambling addiction epidemic in the country.

Some have even suggested that TV channels are contributing in the campaign in fear of losing the biggest buyers of advertisement time –betting and gambling operators. The National Casino Forum as well as the Bingo Association have refused to participate in the campaign.

Last week, House of Lords member Alan Sugar gave his two pennies on the issue, calling for a full ban on gambling TV adds before 9pm. Australia recently imposed a ban on betting advertising during live sports events, and some are suggesting a similar approach in the UK.



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