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Do you remember when was it that you played a casino game online and at the same time felt like you are in a real casino at a real roulette table with a real dealer? If you’ve never played live dealer roulette, you probably don’t remember such a thing.

Today, with the ongoing proliferation of new technology, online casinos do their best to bring us closer to playing casino games as if we would in a real-life casino, which spurred the creation of live casinos. These live casinos tend to offer the very best of table games among which roulette, which we can safely agree is one of the most iconic casino games. Before live dealer casinos, players were able to play only the computerized version of roulette, where you play by yourself only against the computer.

In live dealer roulette, everything is much more exciting. You can wager alongside other players and you can interact with a real-life dealer. The experience of playing a live dealer game simply cannot compare to anything online casinos can offer. Live dealer games will always be the closest thing to real life casinos.

Live Roulette Online

QUICK Live Roulette TIPS

  • The most appealing aspect of live dealer roulette is perhaps the excitement and fun that you get from playing and interacting with other players and a real dealer, while conveniently playing from your own home. This social component can be very important when playing casino games.
  • The variety of live dealer roulette games is simply great. It allows you to jump from one game to another when you get bored and experience different ways in which you can play roulette. You don’t feel lucky playing French Roulette? Try European, Mini or other.
  • Live dealer roulette is great for players that don’t like the Random Number Generator technology implemented in online roulette games. This is because live dealer roulette is played with a real roulette table, where the ball is ruled by the laws of physics, like in real casinos.

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  • Great selection of table games and over 20+ variations of Video Poker.



Bovada Casino

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32Red Casino

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  • Live multi-player roulette and muti-player baccarat tables.
  • Chance to play against Playboy live dealers in real time. WOW!
  • High limit tables and betting limits for VIP players.


ONLINE Live Dealer Roulette FAQ

Can I try live Roulette for free?

No. Live casinos don’t post their live dealer games for people to practice in free play mode as they would with regular online casino games. This is because it costs more for casinos to run live dealer games than standard games, so they are limited to real-money play only. Have you ever seen a land-based casino that runs tables for free play? Live casinos work on the same principle as land-based casinos.

Which bets are preferred in live Roulette?

The basic roulette concept says even money bets like odd/even, 1-18/19-36 and red/black bets have the highest probability of occurring. However, this doesn’t matter a bit if the house edge is too high; therefore it is essential to find a roulette game with the lowest house edge. The worst bets that you can make are the single number bets, although they have the highest payouts.

Are there any high stakes live Roulette games?

Of course. Roulette is mainly a high roller game, so be prepared to make bets that go higher than $20,000.

Is it possible to play live Roulette on my mobile?

Yes. There are software providers that have optimized their live Roulette games for playing and streaming directly on your Smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

What happens If I get disconnected while playing live Roulette?

You will probably be removed from the table, but if you had an active bet when you were disconnected, the bet will be played out and no further bets will be made in your name.


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General Blueprint for Playing Live Roulette Online

There isn’t difference at all in the game play of live roulette and simple online roulette games. The only difference that will matter is the different concepts of enjoying and participating in the game. Here you don’t have to press spin for the wheel to spin, but instead the dealer will spin the roulette wheel when all bets have been placed.

Bets are placed by clicking on the appropriate bet sections, as you normally do in online roulette, and the table limits are essentially the same, only that live roulette games tend to offer higher maximum bet limits.

Getting Started with Live Roulette

To start playing live roulette first you need to search for the right online casino that offers live dealer games, live roulette in our case. We are 100% sure that every online casino that has a live casino section offers this game. You can begin your search by browsing our site and checking our selection of top online casinos that we deem are the best in the business. The search usually consists of reading about the casino’s reputation, looking into its bonuses section (your priority should be casinos with welcome or regular bonuses for playing live dealer games) and seeing if the casino has a decent loyalty program. The higher you get in the program, the more benefits and better table limits you get.

After you have selected the appropriate casino, the logical thing to do is to register. By registering you get the benefit of using special bonuses for new players. However, see if there are special wagering requirements for playing live roulette. After that just select a deposit method, and make your first deposit. The fun can begin immediately when your gambling money has become available in your casino account. After making your deposit, visit the live casino section and select your preferred roulette game via the live casino lobby. The lobby will display which tables have free seats and how much you can wager.

Types of Live Roulette Games

There are many types of live roulette games, and three of them you probably already know: European, French and American. It is recommended to avoid playing Live American roulette because of the high house edge, but if the 00 zero concept appeals to you, than go for it. Typically, European and French are the most popular variations, because of the low house edge. However, software providers tend to develop other roulette games too, and sometimes customer made VIP variations as per request of the casino that the provider supplies with games.

Table Limits

As we mentioned earlier, roulette is generally a high roller game that has attracted many high rollers in the past, primarily because it was identified with the elite. But, live roulette can be played by regular players too. The lowest bet that you can make in live roulette is $0.10, but mostly you will find tables with $1 bets. The highest minimum bet amount that some tables allow is $5.

The maximum bet limits on the other hand can be incredibly high. The standard maximum bet for other live dealer games is $5,000 to $10,000, but in live roulette, these amounts get even up to half a million dollars.

Betting Systems

Roulette has been a real headache for mathematicians since it was invented. The real challenge was to find the perfect betting system, and therefore a dozen systems have been invented in the past. These systems tend to help you manage your bets and to take advantage of the game based on mathematical solutions. The most popular betting systems are: Fibonacci, Martingale, D’Alembert, Labouchere, Grand Martingale, and Anti-Martingale.

Strategy for Playing Live Roulette

For this section we have chosen to describe one of most popular betting system in live Roulette, the D’alembert. This system is great because it gives you the opportunity to win more after you have lost and thus make up for the loss, and it’s really simple for beginners. But, to get started with this system, first you need to set your bankroll limit, which means you have to designate an amount of money that you intend to spend in a live roulette session, and to make sure not to go above it.

The D’alembert is great for beginners because the concept is to make even bets, which means the winning amount will be the same as the amount that you have wagered. These bets are red/black, odd/even etc. The system is based on a simple process of deducting and adding chips to your bets after a win or a loss, therefore, what you need to is the following: when you have won a bet, your next bet amount needs to be decreased by one chip of the same denomination. When you have lost, you have to do the opposite, increase the wager by one chip.

This kind of betting doesn’t require risking large amounts, which is why it is preferred by inexperienced roulette players. Moreover, the odds of the D’alembert bets are the most favorable, and if you actually end up with a loss in the end, you won’t need to make up for it because it will be a very minimal loss.



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