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The UK Gambling Commission Fines Kindred’s Platinum Gaming £1.6 Million for Money Laundering and Social Responsibility Failures

Kindred’s subsidiary Platinum Gaming fined by the UK Gambling Commission for money laundering and social responsibility failures.

- June 17, 2019 By Oliver Young -

Platinum Gaming Limited, a subsidiary of the Kindred Group, a gambling operator licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, Malta and as of a half year ago regulated by Sweden, has been fined by the UK regulator for failing to recognize gambling harm and prevent money laundering. The operator has failed to identify a fraudster […] Continue Reading

Operators Accused of Going Around the FOBT Stake Cut Rules with New High-Stake Roulette Games

Paddy Power and Betfred accused of bypassing the FOBTs stake cut rules introducing new roulette-style games in their offerings, which allow for high stakes.

- April 8, 2019 By Oliver Young -

The rules over the stake cut on fixed-odds betting terminals took effect on 1st of April, 2019, and it seems like the operators have found new games to bypass those rules. Namely, two online operators have been accused of bypassing the rule with the roulette-style games where high stakes are still possible. New High Stakes […] Continue Reading

A Licensing Expert Compares the Gambling Regulations in the UK and the USA

The US vs the UK gambling market regulations – Comparison made by David Clifton, a licensing expert.

- March 13, 2019 By Oliver Young -

David Clifton, a licensing expert has made a comparison on the gambling regulations and all the changes that have happened on the two sides of the Atlantic. He starts his presentation by saying that recent news from both sides of the Atlantic shows a huge gap, not only in terms of player protection and social […] Continue Reading

UK Gambling Commission Releases Formal Advice on Measures for Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility

- March 19, 2018 By Oliver Young -

UK Gambling Commission remains dedicated to ensuring a safe gambling environment to consumers as well as making sure all UK players are appropriately protected. The latest move towards that goal seems to be the release of formal advice regarding the gaming machines and social responsibility measures. As it was put in the publication this morning, […] Continue Reading

Gambling Terms and Phrases You Should Know

- March 15, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Regardless of how well you know the rules or how detailed your gaming strategy is, you only start feeling like you belong once you master the gambling lingo and begin to feel certain phrases slide off your tongue as if you were using them from the very moment you uttered your first words. In case […] Continue Reading

Beginner Mistakes at Online Casinos You Should Avoid

- December 14, 2017 By Riley Wilson -

Being a beginner at something always comes with a risk of making mistakes, and that’s perfectly normal and understandable. But you don’t have to be one of those beginners who simply throw themselves into the vortex; you can prepare and avoid most of the common mistakes people make. If you’re just taking up online gambling, […] Continue Reading

Over 120 Online Gambling Licences in the Philippines Cancelled

Further 302 casino and 324 bingo licences will not be renewed.

- August 1, 2016 By Oliver Young -

It turns out that the promise of the newly elected President of the Philippines to stop online gambling wasn’t just mere words. Acting upon the request of the President, the country’s gambling regulator has already cancelled more than 120 online casino licences. Moreover, it has been announced that over 300 online gaming licences might not […] Continue Reading

Coral Pay Over £870k for Anti Money Laundering Mistakes

Gala Coral found guilty of anti money laundering mistakes

- April 28, 2016 By Nemanja L. -

One of the world’s leading gaming companies Gala Coral Group were forced to surrender more than £840,000 they had earned from a single UK bettor as they were found to have failed to adhere to anti money laundering and know your customer policies. The UK Gambling Commission recently finished an investigation of a high value […] Continue Reading

American Gaming Association and FBI Join Forces to Fight Illegal Gambling

- November 11, 2015 By Oliver Young -

As part of the initiative by the American Gaming Association (AGA) titled Stop Illegal Gambling – Play it Safe, the nation’s casino gaming industry and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have announced that they are joining forces to fight illegal gambling in the US, particularly illegal online sports betting. The Internet Sports Betting Initiative […] Continue Reading

High Limit Baccarat

High Limit Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that involves some of the lowest house edge compared to other online gambling games, which makes it suitable for placing high bet amounts. The game is usually associated with high rollers and premium players, a game that gives a great advantage to players that want to bet huge amounts. If high […] Continue Reading

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