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Microgaming Slots with Highest RTP

- June 16, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Microgaming is an online gaming company that needs no introduction. Established back in 1994, the company has created hundreds of slot machines and here we present you the ones that brag the highest return to players or RTP. Keep in mind that this is only our selection of slots with a high RTP and that […] Continue Reading

Casino Payout Percentage Explained

- June 1, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

When choosing an online casino to play at, players have to pay attention to different features. However, some of them are not visible at first sight. While the first thing you see when visiting an online casino is a welcome package it offers, features like a casino payout percentage are not easy to see. Online […] Continue Reading

Playtech Slots with Highest RTP

- May 25, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Playtech is one of the most experienced slot developers with a portfolio counting more than 100 slot titles. Their most popular games are undoubtedly progressive slots offering life-changing jackpot amounts, but if you are looking for the games that can provide you a great value for the money you wager, you have landed on the […] Continue Reading

Advanced Blackjack Card Counting Systems

Advanced Blackjack Card Counting Systems

- May 14, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

In our previous blogs we have already dealt with Blackjack card counting and mentioned some of the systems you can use to gain advantage over the house while playing this casino game. Now, we want to go further and present some more advanced card counting systems you can use once you have mastered the game […] Continue Reading

New Fruit Machines: Traditional Meets Modern

- April 27, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Obviously, slots didn’t just appear out of nowhere. It’s known that they originate in the late 1800s and all the modern day games that we know and love today have been developed from those simple first fruit machines. Original slots were made of iron with three metal hoops – now we have all-electronic gambling machines […] Continue Reading

Online vs. Live Baccarat: Key Differences

- April 18, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Baccarat is one of the most prestigious of card games. It has a long history and it has gained huge popularity thanks to the James Bond movies. In general, baccarat has always been immensely attractive to high rollers, but players with more budget sized wallets can also play the game and enjoy its charms, especially […] Continue Reading

NetEnt Slots with Highest RTP

- April 11, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

For most of the new players, the selection process of a new slot is reduced to 2 criteria only  – how the game looks and what is the total payout that you can hit on a single spin. If you are a more experienced player, you’ve probably realized a long time ago that looks fade […] Continue Reading

How to Play Casino War

- March 27, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

What is Casino War? Being one of the easiest and most advantageous table games, Casino War offers more than 50% chances of defeating the house, which categorizes it as probably the most player-friendly game currently available on the gambling market. Unlike most card games, where the origin is almost impossible to trace and which have […] Continue Reading

Top 5 Casino Games for Beginners

- March 26, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Few things are as exciting as the first day in a casino, be it a land based venue or an online platform featuring hundreds of differently categorized games. The thrill can without a doubt be overshadowed by the confusing and extensive offer that both of the facilities provide, especially if you are only just getting […] Continue Reading

Gambling Terms and Phrases You Should Know

- March 15, 2018 By Riley Wilson -

Regardless of how well you know the rules or how detailed your gaming strategy is, you only start feeling like you belong once you master the gambling lingo and begin to feel certain phrases slide off your tongue as if you were using them from the very moment you uttered your first words. In case […] Continue Reading

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