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Mobile Casino: In-Browser Play vs Apps

mobile slot machine

- May 29, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

We use our smartphones for a variety of purposes every day, and entertainment is one of them. When it comes to entertainment, you can choose from a plethora of apps, including mobile casino apps you can download and install on your handheld device to access exciting casino games on the go. If you have been […] Continue Reading

Coping with Gambling Loss: Learn How to Recover

learn to cope with a gambling loss

- May 7, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

When it comes to playing casino games, there is one golden rule: you win some, you lose some. No one is immune to gambling losses and the amount you lose depends mainly on your playing style. Each loss, no matter how large it may be, can demotivate the player. If you have recently experienced a […] Continue Reading

Quantum Blackjack: Is There a Strategy to Win up to 1,000x?

how to win at Quantum Blackjack

- April 30, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

The online gambling industry has produced numerous Blackjack variations. And guess what? One of them offers multipliers that can deliver payouts going up to 1,000x the bet. It is a much bigger payout than any side bet can award and to win it, you don’t even have to make an optional wager. It can be […] Continue Reading

How to Enjoy Casino Games When on a Budget

- April 24, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

All of us have guilty pleasures, and if you are reading this article, online gambling is probably one of yours. Yet, sometimes our financial situation cannot support our desires. If this is the case, you will have to learn to play on a budget. Stay with us as we bring you a guide to enjoying […] Continue Reading

Virtual Reality Slots: Who Needs Them and Why?

Virtual Reality Slots

- April 14, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

Slot machines have come a long way from the 19th century Liberty Bell to video slots we play today. The online gaming industry is ever-evolving with more and more innovative technologies developing each year. Today we can enjoy top-notch casino games on our desktop and mobile devices, with no difference in video and sound quality. […] Continue Reading

Online Casino Gamification: Giving Players a Bit More

- March 19, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

The online gaming experience has become more engaging lately. While fans of traditional casino games can enjoy them at live dealer tables, players who are into other types of games are in for a treat as well as there are different features granting exciting gameplay. The latter happens due to so-called gamification, which has changed […] Continue Reading

UK Credit Card Gambling Ban and the Rest of the World

Can the credit card ban reduce harm from gambling?

- March 12, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

As of mid-April 2020, UK gamblers won’t be able to use credit cards for gambling. According to UK authorities, this measure should protect vulnerable people and reduce harm from this form of entertainment. In this article, we will discuss such a decision and whether a similar measure will be taken in other regulated markets. Good […] Continue Reading

Best Casino-Themed Songs: What Can We Learn from Them?

- March 5, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

Gambling has been popular pastime activity ever since. Being present in different forms, gambling reflects life in its core – you win some, you lose some. It’s all about taking risks, which pretty much resembles the decisions we make on a daily basis. That’s why it comes as no surprise that popular culture has been […] Continue Reading

Top 7 Mistakes at Slot Machines You Should Never Make

- February 27, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

Slot machines are games of sheer luck, meaning that you cannot do much to increase your winning chances. However, that does not mean that you should choose the first game you stumble upon and start playing it. There are things you can do to minimise losses, and they include avoiding some of the biggest mistakes […] Continue Reading

Live Casino Games with Multipliers: Added Excitement Guaranteed

Live Lightning Baccarat Review

- February 21, 2020 By Riley Wilson -

We all love to play casino classics, but the truth is that payouts they deliver are mediocre when compared with ones you can win at slot machines, for instance. Bigger prizes mean more excitement, so to attract more players, providers of live casino solutions have come up with a quite simple solution. They have added […] Continue Reading

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