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Live dealer gaming is a completely another reality in the online gaming world. It’s both exciting and genius, and it’s not something that had to be invented by a rocket scientist. Live dealer games are a simple solution for providing a more realistic casino atmosphere, something that someone was bound to come up with. Nevertheless, live dealer games are regarded as very innovative.

To offer a live dealer game an online casino doesn’t need any special technology. Only a studio is needed, equipped with casino tables and cameras that can broadcast a decent picture. Live dealer games are not that difficult to set up. It is true that they cost more for running compared to computer simulated online casino games, but inevitably they return the profit, because they are very popular.

Online casinos do offer live dealer Sic-Bo. It may not be as popular as live blackjack or live roulette, but it’s as every bit as fun. It brings that touch of realism that online casino games lack, which inspires players to take their time elegantly to consider carefully about their moves.

Live Sic-Bo Online


  • Sic-Bo is a casino game that falls into the category of games with some of the best odds possible for a casino dice game. This is because the game uses three instead of two dice, which helps for more favorable odds and combinations.
  • Sic-Bo can entertain you for hours considering there are 50 different bets that you can make based on your predictions of the dice roll. You can make different bets from betting if the dice total will be big or small to guessing specific numbers on all three dice.
  • The nature of Sic-Bo enables players to successfully use any popular betting system or strategy that relies on mathematics, much better then with card games. Card games involve many variables, while in Sic-Bo there are only three dice with a limited amount of outcomes.

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ONLINE Live Dealer Sic-Bo FAQ

Do I have to download casino software to play live Sic-Bo?

You are advised, but you are not required to, except in cases where instant play is not offered, but such casinos are very rare. By downloading the software you can actually get better performance from the games, but only if your computer configuration is suitable and if it doesn’t overload the computer’s memory.

What is the highest payout in live Sic-Bo?

The highest payout in Sic-Bo pays incredible 180 to 1. If you wager $5 on a Triple bet where you have to guess the numbers that will come out on each of the dice and win, you will receive $900 back as a payout for your successful prediction of the outcome, which is a pretty amazing sum. The second highest payout is 60 to 1 for the Three Dice Total bet when you bet that the outcome of the roll will be a total of 4 or 17.

Do all software providers offer live Sic-Bo?

Not all, but most of them do. Popular software providers like Microgaming and Playtech have their own live Sic-Bo tables, but providers such as Betsoft or RTG do not. However, there are many less popular providers like HoGaming or CWC Gaming that offer live Sic-Bo.

Are there any high stake live Sic-Bo games?

In general the game of Sic-Bo is not offered with insanely big table limits, but it is reported that some online casinos powered by HoGaming allow up to $30,000 per bet. Usually the maximum allowed bet is around $1,000 and $2,000.


Sic-Bo Strategy

We have outlined a basic strategy that works.

Sic-Bo Glossary

New to the game? Learn all the terms here.

Sic-Bo Rules

Make sure you know the rules of the game first.

Sic-Bo History

Sic-Bo has its roots in China. Read more.

Online Sic Bo Tips

Valuable playing tips. A must read!

Live Dealer Sic-Bo

Play live Sic-Bo with real dealers.

Live Dealer Sic-Bo Overview

Sic-Bo is probably the oldest game used across casinos, both online and land-based. It is also probably the oldest game of chance in the world, because it was invented millennia ago in China, as couple of other games that are used as casino games today.

As such, Sic-Bo is offered widely in land-based casinos, but the problem is that not every land-based casino in the world has a Sic-Bo table. Americans and Asians have the chance to play land-based Sic-Bo game, and fortunately live dealer Sic-Bo games exist to be enjoyed by the rest of the world.

Accessing Live Dealer Sic-Bo Game

Many of the live Sic-Bo games offered online are of decent quality. However, the first thing to consider when looking for a live dealer Sic-Bo game is to find one that offers a crystal clear live feed, or enough to see the dice clearly. Of course, you will also need to check if the online casino has a good reputation among online players and you will need to look for their opinions about the casino’s welcome bonus.

Also, consider the software requirements of the casino software. If your PC or laptop is an older model that freezes easily on a lightly packed casino program, you should maybe consider playing in instant play, although that could be cumbersome too since the games are mostly flash based.

When you have picked an online casino with live Sic-Bo just fill in the registration form and use any promo code (if any) to activate the welcome bonus offer (or just claim it after registration). Download and install the casino client, and log into your account when you’ve finished installing it. Choose a deposit method, wait for your money to appear in your casino account and just select the live dealer Sic-Bo game in the live dealer category. There will be important info such as what the table limits are and if there is a vacant spot for you to take.

Live Sic-Bo Table Limits

Live Sic-Bo is not much known as a high roller game, although high rollers don’t restrict themselves from playing it. The game has some very nice odds therefore you probably won’t find many live dealer Sic-Bo tables with high rolling table limits. The usual minimum bet amount to which you will come across is a $1 bet. This is the standard minimum for almost any live dealer game.

On the other hand, the maximum bet amounts that you can wager in a live dealer Sic-Bo game usually ranges from $100 to $300, $500, $1,000, $2,500 and in rare occasions more than that up to $30,000.

Live Sic-Bo Payout Rates

Sic-Bo can be a very rewarding game. There are more than fifteen different payout rates, and as we mentioned earlier, the highest payout is for the specific Triple bet, which pays 180 to 1. Even money (1 to 1) is paid for the big/small and odd/even bets, and specific number bet on any of the dice. If you guess a specific number on two dice, you are paid 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 for all three dice. The dice total bets have several different payouts that range from 6 to 1 up to 60 to 1, etc.

House Edge in Live Sic-Bo

Different wagers bring different house edges. For example, the house for the big/small is 2.78%. The worst bet that you can make in Sic-Bo is the Doubles bet. When a casino pays this bet 10 to 1, the edge is 18.52%, but if the casino pays 8 to 1, then the edge gets much worse.

Strategy to Play Live Dealer Sic-Bo

Live Sic-Bo allows successful implementation of many popular progressive betting strategies, such as:

  • d’Alembert: this is a popular strategy that helps make small amounts of profit.After each loss, you have to increase your wager by one unit (chip). If you win, reduce the wager by one unit. If you have reduced the betting amount down to zero, count your profit and start from the beginning again. This system assumes that the ratio between the bets won and the bets lost will be close to fifty-fifty on the long run.
  • 1-3-2-6 Betting System: this system is called a positive progression system because the bet amounts are increased with each win, not with each loss. To make a profit and eliminate the house edge with this system, you need to have a sequence of four winning hands. But the great thing is that even if you don’t win all hands you are still safe, which is due to the design of the system with which each subsequent bet has been covered with the previous bet won. It goes like this: the numbers represent chip amounts, which means your initial bet will be 1 chip. If you win, your next bet will be with three chips. If the second bet wins as well, your third bet has to be just two chips. The final bet will be with six chips. If you lose any of these bets, you just need to reset the progression.



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