Keno Strategy

Keno StrategyDo you like to play keno? If so, do you have a strategy for playing? If you are interested in learning how to play keno then along with learning the rules you will also want to incorporate some of the strategy and tips suggested below. Remember, keno is just a game of luck so there is no mathematical formula that you need to memorize that will help you win. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of winning. Remember that with each draw the odds reset so there is no relation between future and past draws. It might seem odd, but the odds of seeing 1,2, 3,4 and 5 on your ticket are the same as seeing, 6, 19, 34, 36 and 57. Every number has the exact same odds of being drawn each time so keep this in mind. Although the player does not have any direct outcome on the game there are a few tips that can help players improve their chances of winning somewhat. The tips and techniques outlined below are fairly common and many veteran keno players implement them.

Play the Numbers

One of the best keno strategies is to play the numbers. Although each number has the same odds of winning each time it is believed that for the odds to even out the numbers that haven’t been drawn will eventually come up. So, consider playing the numbers that you haven’t seen recently. This is not a certain way to win, but a suggestion that might help you increase your chances.

Betting on the Numbers

Another interesting strategy some keno players like to employ is to bet on the numbers that have already been drawn. The reason why is that in games of chance the probability for the same number to come up is the same in each game. Betting on numbers that have been drawn previously may allow players to capitalize on a trend. This is not a guarantee, but a method you might want to think about.

Keno StrategySuccessive Numbers

Another keno strategy suggestion is to bet on successive numbers. An example of successive numbers would be 15 and 16 or 34 and 35. Many keno players believe that the numbers drawn are frequently consecutive pairs. There is no scientific evidence that this is the case, but it is something to keep in mind and a strategy you might want to implement.

Consecutive Bets

Some keno players find one of the best bets to be consecutive bets. This is perhaps the most common strategy in Keno and more than likely the one that works the most not to mention it is the most simple. All you have to do is play the same bet for consecutive rounds.


There are no guarantees that these suggestions will help you win more games of Keno. However, many keno players will bet on the strategies listed here so you should give them a try. You might like one or all of them or perhaps you may create a strategy of your own. Keno is a game of luck so there is no way to truly increase your odds, but these tips could make playing more fun and they just might be helpful in the long run.

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